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Our journey of providing live in-person
seminars is coming to its conclusion.
As of December 31, 2022,
Life Quest Seminars will no longer enroll
men or women into our boot camps.
We are honored to have served your
needs over the years. We wish you
the very best in your next chapter
of life and personal growth.
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    Welcome to Life Quest Seminars

    Life Quest Seminars supports individuals and businesses to create stronger personal and business relationships, greater success in problem-solving, goal achievement, profit generation, and return to stakeholders. Increase connection as a spouse, parent, friend, co-worker, and boss. Develop deeper levels of contentment, and a new way of seeing yourself, the world, and the people in it. Participants can expect lasting transformation, growth in confidence, renewed self-esteem, and come to value yourself and others like never before.


    Why Choose Us?

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     Every person has unfinished business when it comes to relationships, especially in our families and more specifically, with our parents.

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    Have you ever felt like you were just stuck in life? Have you felt life was passing you by like you were just existing, stagnant, and taking up space?

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    For some, stepping into leadership is a truly scary thought, third only to public speaking #1 and death #2. Many shrink and step back pushing others forward when called to lead.

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    Where others simply motivate, we actively transform. A true test of effective training is how the material and lessons taught are actually integrated into one’s life, family, business and community.

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    Life Quest Seminars Benefits

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    “The weekend allowed me to confront places in my life where I was holding back with those I lead and my family. I go home with a renewed identity, heart and courage.”
    Trey D.
    “WOW! The people here really care. It is so refreshing to be with strong and developed leadership. The class is designed to build integrity and heal deep inner wounds. It is a fantastic hit! A great way to grow, improve and build relationships.”
    Steven M.
    “This was unlike any of the seminars I have attended in the past. It’s like I saw myself for the first time. I really saw the baggage from my past and the hurt in my heart that has been crippling my growth and relationships. Now I can shed that old way of life and step into a life that is fresh, new and exciting. I’ve never made a better investment!”
    Scott S.
    “This is a must attend for any man. It will expose your most inner wounds and allow healing to begin. You will leave inspired to make positive changes in your life, family and faith.”
    Paul O.
    “I thought I was in great shape spiritually. I was challenged and rooted out more this week than ever before. I am now ready to go forward and lead powerfully.”
    John G.
    “I came to this weekend with doubts about who I was and what I was good for. I was hopeful that something would happen. That something turned out to be the restoration of my heart and stepping into the power and strength of my purpose.”
    Tim R.
    “I didn’t know what to expect going into the weekend but my experience has been one of the most empowering and life changing events of my life.”
    Scott S.
    “This course was a great enhancement to the inner healing work that God led me to begin a few weeks before. The timing could not have been more perfect. Only God!”
    Dave N.
    “The very best course for men that I have ever attended.”
    Vincent C.
    “Take the class on faith, even if you have to rely on the the faith of those who believe in you.”
    Larry D.
    “I realized that all men are wounded and that I’m not alone in my insecurities and weakness. This knowledge alone has helped me reframe my potential and released me to a new world of possibilities.”
    Dan D.
    “I shifted from hopelessness to hopefulness for the future of our country and mankind.”
    Bill H.
    “I found my passion and realized how small of a game I have been playing. I discovered that I have been wounding those that I love because of my own wounds. I have healed my wounds and now I can stop wounding others.”
    Barry M.
    “Before coming to the class I thought I was in good shape. I thought I had forgiven my Father but boy, was I wrong. I now realize I can live from my authentic heart.”
    James G.
    “The authentic hearts of John and his team lead me on a 4-day journey into the hidden parts of my life and it was transformational. I recommend this class to any man who desires freedom.”
    Jeff O.
    “After this experience I have found renewed strength, courage and self worth.”
    Gerald B.
    “I joined a band of brothers and became a valiant warrior. I have learned that I do have the right stuff.”
    David T.
    “I dug deep and rewrote some of my perceptions of life events. It has given me the courage to reach new heights.”
    Clint G.
    “Attending Boot Camp was one of my best decisions because my life was so deeply impacted in some very positive ways. When I let the wounds of my life influence my behavior, in a negative way, I hurt those I love. Being in a room with a group of men who experience the same struggles and have similar dreams for their life truly impacted me. I left the training a different man, in a good way, bringing more love and joy to my life and those I am in relationship with.”
    Alan B.
    ”I attended Boot Camp to specifically identify the wound that was preventing me from creating my goals and dreams. A wound that was so old and scared over it had become normal. Not only did I rediscover this wound but also Boot Camp provided the missing pieces I needed to heal this wound once and for all. I’m so glad that I made the time to invest in me so that, finally, I could go to my next level of abundance, joy and connection with my creator. Great things happen in camp. Don’t miss out.”
    John E.

    “I need two hands to count the number of breakthroughs and realizations. Just amazing!!! I’ve never experienced anything like it and I’ve been in Personal Development for 10-15 years.”

    Kristian B.

    “I have been searching all my life for my purpose and why I chose the path I had. It was discovered and I found my purpose.”

    Paul A.

    “Extraordinary, amazing and awesome!”

    Brent S.

    “I never knew or could identify why I felt alone or disconnected from others. Not only did I discover what was deep inside myself but I’ve experienced new freedom with new eyes, heart and strength.”

    Mark L.

    “A true opportunity to develop into a real authentic leader.”

    Martin B.

    “This experience was phenomenal! It helped me discover a new thinking on how I define loving my wife and how to add value to her.”

    Leonard A.

    “It’s an amazing way to experience breakthrough and fresh revelation.”

    Nelson G.

    “I came here broken, defeated and held in bondage by my past. I am leaving renewed, healed, and full of hope, passion and enthusiasm for life. Living my life’s purpose with passion.”

    Bill F.

    “I did not know what to expect and I was very impressed with how these four days have made and impact on me and changed the rest of my life forever.”

    Michael A.

    “It is as simple as self-inflicted transformation from the inside out. The facilitators of this Boot Camp worked from authenticity on their own work to guide me in my own self-discovery to create value and step into my authentic voice. Powerful!”

    Joshua C.

    “Tremendous experience of men being open, honest and transparent and completely committed to being better and growing.”

    Nick B.

    “Play hard and this will change your life!”

    John D.

    “This seminar was the awakening that I deserved. To be the man that can take on the world and be the best husband and father I can be. I recommend it to all men on planet earth!”

    Thomas S.

    “The Men’s Boot Camp has had a powerful impact on my life. I identified many areas in my life tot work on and the training showed me I can do anything in life. I made many breakthroughs and built a strong relationship with my Band of Brothers.”

    John B.

    “This will create immense value in my life. This will allow me to hone and find myself as a man, father, husband and employee. I am free to be me! Thank you from the bottom of my “authentic heart.”

    Stephen T.

    “I came here a man in limbo and didn’t realize my father’s wounding. Identifying the wounds was life changing. This allowed me to look over my life and see how the wounds had negatively impacted me. I made choices that alter me.”

    Joseph S.

    “I was not sure of my identity and had forgotten what it meant to be a man. Thank you Life Quest for those answers!”

    Jeff G.

    “Life Changing! Opens your eyes and belief systems to possibilities.”

    Daren H.

    “I discovered the root cause of certain challenges in my life and received healing in that area.”

    Andy C.

    “I have done a lot of training over the years but never with just men. I felt myself opening up much more on my deepest issues than ever before. Once I opened up I was able to talk through how to address what I’ve been carrying around all these years.”

    Alan G.

    “You think you know but you have no idea!!! I am so grateful that I came. I can’t wait to implement GPS into my team’s and family’s daily life!”

    Austin S.

    “Be patient and stay engaged up to the end. You reached a part of me that no one has ever been able to break through. Thank you Charles and John for not giving up on me.”

    Mike I.

    “Fight through your resistance and keep and open heart and mind. Don’t be skeptical about changing yourself. If you feel this type of thing isn’t for you, then it is for you the most. I grew astronomically.”

    Michael M.

    “The opportunity this experience gave me was to get out of myself and into others. I also learned about living in today, focus on these 24 hours. The past is past and the future is yet to come. I will focus on today.”

    Shad M.

    “When you receive the opportunity to shut down, look back up and truly let go of the past, you can and will start to grow through positive self-talk.”

    Shane M.

    “If you want to find yourself, find out who lives beneath the layers of your lies, who has your true heart then this is the place to come to.”

    William F

    “A fast paced and exciting journey of breakthrough to deeper relationships with those you love.”

    Anita S.

    “Life changing retreat that had me get clear on my limiting beliefs of myself and women in general. I had no clue about the wounding I had and I have so many tools to accomplish my goals and dreams.”

    Brie R.

    “I was scared to come to a women’s seminar as I have always been afraid to get in a group of women. I was raised by my dada and spent my life closer and related better to men. I have learned through this weekend course women are amazing, powerful and so worth the connection.”

    Carolyn M.

    “Beauty Revealed is an opportunity to take a deeper journey into self-discovery of what is holding you back to step into your destiny.”

    Carolyn W.

    “Spending dedicated time, with other women, revealing my true beauty and the beauty of the others all together was one of the most beneficial experiences of my life.”

    Holly M.

    “My experience at Beauty Revealed, stretched me, open my eyes and I saw my true calling, and what I can be walking in, love, forgiveness and power. I’m responsible for what I am attracting in my life. Which gives me permission to follow my true, authentic heart.”

    “I have attended many seminars and conferences in the past. Beauty Revealed touched so many important parts of my life. John and Linda, Amanda and Laura were remarkable – Loving and caring!!”

    Jan L.

    “This is a great space to be with women, to work on issues of the woman’s heart. To reveal our inner beauty so we help create beauty in our world.”

    Julia S.

    “Out of all of the Personal Development training that I have taken this seminar has been the kindest and gentlest, keeping me open and out of resistance.”

    Julie B.

    “Having been in the work of personal growth on myself for over a decade, I continually realize that there are layers of stuff to uncover and heal.”

    Kathy H.

    “Beauty Revealed supported me by reconnecting me to my dreams and giving me hope in my future.”

    Kristina D.

    “Beauty Revealed has breathed love and hope into my life. I have unveiled beautiful tools to support me and my husband in our marriage. I have reconnected with my dreams and have built a strong connection with a beautiful community of women.”

    Lee Anne C.

    “Beauty Revealed is great experience to learn how valuable you are as a woman. Learning to quiet the negative thoughts and focus on the positivity bursting to get out.”

    Lindsay M.

    “It was a great time to look inside to find my strengths and, more impactful, the weaknesses that I’ve allowed to keep my strengths held down and keep me in a box. The facilitators are the phenomabomb! Authentically Fantastic!”

    Lisa B.

    “Powerful conference. Looking forward to putting things into action. Great insights!”

    Michelle C.

    “The weekend gave me a respite from my busy life and a powerful understanding of how that ‘busy life’ can become a transformational and influential one.”

    MT B.

    “Beauty Revealed gave me the permission to discover myself by releasing unhealthy patterns that have held me back. I am excited about letting the woman I was meant to be come out.”

    Patty R.

    “I would recommend Beauty Revealed if you would like to go to a deeper level with God & yourself. It’s an amazing journey to discovering your heart & what drives you in making decisions or not making decisions. The facilitators are amazing and insightful.”

    Rita. Z.

    “This training was so moving and life changing. Despite having taken other courses this one was more of an impact. I loved the facilitators and their hearts.”

    Roxanne F.

    “You will believe in yourself and grab hold of God’s plan for you and not listen to the enemy. Re-spark your dreams. Ignite the fire.”

    Susan R.


    Stacy A.

    “This was an amazing, transformational weekend! I am leaving with a stronger sense of my own identity and with the friendships of some incredible women.”

    Stephanie. B.

    “When you decide to attend Beauty Revealed make sure you add on or extend your stay to enjoy the beautiful atmosphere which can expand the potential of additional insight of what is revealed while attending!”

    Tanya A.

    “I came here knowing I was stuck and content to remain that way. I came intentional to have a breakthrough. I can’t and won’t continue in my living in a small way. I’ve had more a-ha moments than I can count. I received the breakthrough I wanted and needed . I now have Hope (my new name) purpose and intention.”

    Tina N.

    “Beauty Revealed restored the hope and confirmed to me how beautifully unique and important I am to myself, my family and that it does matter what I do in this world and important that I am who God created me to be so that I can give others permission to do the same. Thank you so very much for inviting me to attend. It was truly a Divine Appointment! I love you guys!”

    Michelle K.

    “I discovered that I have lived most of my life in my head…intellectual and literal. The breakthrough for me holistically was to see beyond the literal to the metaphors in my daily life and choices. I have felt rooked at the precipice of a huge shift of possibilities…fear will no longer hold me back.”

    Cindy J.
    “It is not what you would expect, but if you give it a chance it can be very beneficial and eye opening. I believe everyone that attends will gain something at some point.”
    Summer D.
    “Life changing; when I first came I felt out of place and it wasn’t for me but as the time went by I really got to know myself and appreciate the seminar also the leaders and staff really made a huge impact on my life. Very happy I came it was very inspirational and life changing.”
    “Truly caring, present facilitators. Thank you for everything. This was an amazing gift and I am very grateful!!”
    Shannon B.
    “Beauty Revealed is unlike anything I’ve encountered before. All throughout the program I had experiences that I thought “If I only took away this one experience it would be worth the trip” luckily I got to take away so much more.”
    Alana G.
    “This is my second time attending Beauty Revealed and I experienced further breakthrough and freedom. New clarity and vision for my dreams to become reality. I am a firm believer of this work to be beneficial for anyone who feels stagnant or stuck to move forward in a positive and powerful way.”
    “Beauty Revealed is a place to meet and engage with authentic and loving women. I was skeptical about attending an all women seminar and I found so much support from the facilitators & participants. I was poured into and felt safe.”
    Suzie D.
    “Even as a 70-year old widow, I have dreams and desires to live a life of purpose & blessing to others. Beauty Revealed gave and will continue to give me tools and encouragement to keep on keeping on. I learned to trust my intuition and give myself grace for the journey.”
    Shayne F.
    “Beauty Revealed is an opportunity to breakthrough some barriers, deal with things holding you back, and create or add to your tribe.”
    Angie K.
    “Facilitators and staff provide a safe environment for you to rediscover yourself. You get the opportunity to face the lies and with support acknowledge the truth.”
    Kim W.
    “A wonderful experience that allowed me to reflect on my life thus far and promote healing for past events while teaching me skills & methods to bring more joy, hope and abundance into my life. I am looking forward to continuing to discover areas where I can grow in the 40 weeks follow up class (GPS).”
    Cris C.
    “Keep an open mind. Be open to sharing a room with someone you don’t know, don’t be afraid to tell your story.”
    Jana T.
    “What a life-changing experience! Taking myself on and digging deep showed me just how much I needed this!”
    Pat B.
    “The staff, participants and experiential activities helped me look deep within myself. By doing this I found out things about myself I didn’t know.”
    “Don’t think about, just do it! You won’t be sorry! You will be SO BLESSED!”
    Stephanie N.
    “Attending Beauty Revealed Two has opened my eyes as a mother. I came from 2 wounded babies (my parents). I will forgive and work on my wounds.”
    Gerri M.
    “This whole week was a gentle, loving, compassionate, open, broken, amazing space to grow and learn so many deep revelations.”
    Brittanie B.
    “The value I created in Beauty Revealed was to discover that I can be powerful as a woman and still be feminine!! I was able to really discover some areas that are holding me back and keeping me from experiencing my true, authentic heart!”
    Suzette T.
    “Beauty Revealed enable me to get out of my own way to dream again and gave me tools to take home to continue growing and dreaming wholeheartedly.”
    Emily M.
    “Words cannot express my appreciation for Laura, Amanda, Linda, John & all of the support staff for investing into our lives. You will be challenged, yet supported in a safe environment. You are free to be who you are called to be!” Robin
    Robin J.
    “I had been living in a prison of myself and intense self-defeating thoughts prior to Beauty Revealed. I feel a huge cloud lifted off my life; hope restored and a reason to live. Meaning and purpose were uncovered.”
    Karen N.
    “Do you have what it takes?” If you have hesitated, like I have in the past, you need the Forge Experience! You will rediscover yourself, your heart and how the lies of the enemy derailed your destiny.
    Michael W

    “To realize and recognize why and what happened to my heart…PRICELESS!”

    Brad R.

    “The “Flaws” were not flaws at all but, rather, the result of me fighting against the man I was created to be. I am on a mission to serve & protect! I don’t have to worry about how that looks. I need only to trust & follow my heart. No matter how scary that may seem!”

    Jarrod M.

    “This is an opportunity for awesome breakthrough if you come in open-minded and willing to participate fully.”

    Carey C.

    “Beauty Revealed is an amazing time of learning about and confronting ourselves and all that we tend to hold onto that keeps us in a ‘dead end’ life. The breakthrough I experienced has been life altering in immense proportions. I have a new found hope and feel like a new being with the freedom to soar!”

    Lisa M.

    “I came to Beauty Revealed with no expectations except that God would orchestrate the events and activities. I have lived a life based on fear and denying my power, my worth, and my beauty. I leave here embracing who I am today, excited again to pursue my calling, my worth and my joy.”

    Donna R.

    “Beauty Revealed helped me identify what life events were holding me back from who I really am.”

    Sarah S.

    “I absolutely loved this experience! It was by far THE BEST personal growth seminar I have ever experience. The facilitators and staff are truly amazing. I felt safe as they shared their true authentic, loving hearts. I am excited for my future and am so very grateful.”

    Jamie R.

    “I was extremely skeptical about coming. I’ve been to so many counseling places with no results. Coming on pure faith, it exceeded my expectations. No judgements. Only purely helpful and up lifting.”

    “You will not believe the baggage you carry thinking you have dealt with it. The amount of support given for you to find out who you are, start you on the path to healing, is phenomenal.”

    Kelly O.

    “My time at Beauty Revealed was eye opening. I didn’t realize how much I hated myself until I had to own my words. This entire experience was a battle for me but I feel like I’m emerging empowered to implement these tools and change my life for the better!”

    Jill C.

    “Beauty Revealed has been the best experience! I can say that this has opened my eyes to the deepest parts of me and I have a full heart. I’m forever grateful to the amazing leaders. I cannot wait to return for more training.”

    Ashley C.

    “This women’s retreat is unlike any you may have experienced before! This weekend is one of powerful connection, healing and learning to dream again. You will be given the tools to improve yourself, your relationships, grow closer to God and discover your God-given destiny! Take the chance on you! You’re worth it!”

    Bethany M.

    “The promise of a safe space to process my history, my hindrances and my holding back was fulfilled. I was safe. When I felt pushed beyond my limit, I found a new limit. This is an experience that changed my life. I am grateful.”

    “I have found myself in ways I never knew existed inside of me. I have faced and spoken fears I said I never would. I feel so free and alive. I am a new and refreshed woman and mother. I am still speechless and beyond on cloud nine. WOW. Thank you all”

    Stephanie B.

    “Beauty Revealed provided a safe space for me to realize some ugly things in me that are holding me back as well as the chance to discover my authentic beauty. It was worth every dollar spent to get here.”

    Ellen S.

    “Beauty Revealed was a great experience for me because it showed me how my inner thinking – whether or not I know it – works in my life and that I can change it to what works for me”

    Maria H.

    “My time at Beauty Revealed was eye opening. I didn’t realize how much I hated myself until I had to own my words. This entire experience was a battle for me but I feel like I’m emerging empowered to implement these tools and change my life for the better!”

    Serena M.

    “The Forge Experience made me to recognize the anger I’ve been holding on to and its effect on my life. I committed to let it go and embrace humanity. ”

    Richard M.

    “I came not wanting to be here, but left recognizing I had half assed life. The safe space allowed me to see my BS and process through it.”

    Josh R.

    “I personally did not understand every aspect because I just did not relate to things or topic that was being discussed. The value or worth is that I learned to truly bring up scars that were holding me back, face them and let them go.”

    Caleb D.

    “Time to quit being a metrosexual and get back in touch with your true, authentic self. Get your ass (and the rest of you, too) in here and find out what that’s like!”

    Paul J.

    “I had an opportunity to see that no matter how much personal growth work or spiritual practice I do, there are always areas of my life that can benefit from taking the time to do work.”

    Geoff M.

    “This has reawakened something inside me that has been put to sleep too long ago. There’s now a stirring inside me to live my life for me and no one else.”

    Joe M.

    “The Forge Experience was worth well more than the time and $ invested. I am sure this will help me create the relationships I want in my house and to grow my business.”

    Steve H.

    “It’s the best thing I’ve ever done in my life. I feel free, happy and less weight on my life and I got my fight in life back.”

    Ben B.

    “Forge Experience helped me find the key again, to unlock my tightly locked up heart…This time, however, I threw away the key! This heart of mine shall remain open, always.”

    Clinton C.

    “It opened my eyes to things I didn’t even know I was still struggling with.”

    Roy H.

    “Great experience; full of adventure.”

    Jerry R.

    “Treading water can only take place for so long. EXHAUSTING! Forge to float-experience to swim-continue your journey with purpose!”

    Brad R.

    “Experiencing & restoring my authentic heart is a journey that lasts a lifetime but began with a single step. I am committed to fighting for my authentic heart. I am enough!”

    Jarrod M.

    Transformational, breakthrough, engaging, life changing, like nothing you’ve ever experience – this is beauty revealed. Be There.

    Sabrina D

    rings women to their fullest potential. Let’s a woman see she has many allies and she really can trust others.

    Yvonne C

    I was able to identify a wound in a relationship in my past that was affecting a current relationship in a negative way. I have done personal growth work in the past, but none of it was able to create breakthrough for me specifically as a woman, wife, & mother the way that Beauty Revealed has.

    Carolyn S

    Wanting more in your marriage creating a 10 relationship was revealed in dynamic ways. Deeper community w/family as they matter most!

    Sheila G

    Beauty Revealed is an incredibly safe environment to climb into your cocoon (the event vs. real life) deal with your junk & create beauty, revealing the real (you) me.

    Pam L

    I loved the accepting “vibe” of the whole event. Rarely have I instantly experienced an event where from the first moment I knew no one would be judging, pushing, expecting and that set the tone for much to happen.

    Lori D

    Enriching experience to look at my own life and life of others around me.

    Larisa G

    I would have regretted not coming if I had let finances make my decision for me! BR is life changing. I was able to find my true self and love the me that I was created to be!

    Jessica D

    BR gave me the tools to reinterpret the lies that drove the choices in my life. To forgive myself and created a new identity; an identity that is full of Joy, Peace, Love and Forgiveness.

    Elaine C

    To put into words doesn’t come close to what I discovered about myself, at 57. I am so grateful to step into me with love, compassion, humbleness, and belief.

    Brenda A

    Wow. I’ve taken a few development seminars & this is by far the best. I had so many tears & amazing experiences. Thanks so much for all this wonderful work.

    Brandi F

    Although I have done other self-development work, this uncovered more in my past, gave me the tools to let go/heal and allow me to step into who I am truly meant to be.

    Arlene G

    Beauty Revealed allows a safe place to really open up and work through deep wounds and brings recognition & explanation to the everyday trials that can knock you off balance.

    Andria T

    What a life changing experience. A perfect way to honor you goals and dreams.

    Lorry B

    Attending Beauty Revealed took me back to some core wounds and provided tools to help me work through them.

    Ellen S

    A gift to yourself to see your beauty. A place to meet amazing women. An opportunity to reconnect on where you want to go and/be. An opportunity to open up new possibilities for yourself.

    Caroline M

    I learned much about myself through the other women who attended; there were women who mirrored my personality that I didn’t want to look at, but did anyway. (Breakthrough)

    Michelle K

    Beauty Revealed helped me to understand that it’s possible to truly breakthrough the things holding me back from creating what I want in life!

    Pat B

    My chains have been broken in areas of my life I have been longing for.

    Stephanie B

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