I wasn’t sure that a vision that I encountered about four years ago would ever be manifested. First, because it didn’t make any sense to me and second because I thought I was already bringing that vision to life. But, as you might have experienced, until either God’s plan for you is manifested or you die, He will not leave you alone.

The message I heard was, “John, I have called you to something greater than you have ever done.” And there was the vision of open graves as far as the eye could see. I shared this vision and statement with those I worked with the morning after I awoke. And then I began a quest of discovery to learn what it all meant.

One thing I discovered was that my schedule was so full that there was no room in it for this vision to become manifested. So I laid aside that which I so loved to make room for this vision; still nothing but frustration as I continued to search for the clues or answers.

Then one weekend I attended a memorial of a long time friend who had passed from complication due to diabetes. His name was Dene and he’d had diabetes his whole life. And that man suffered every imaginable condition that one could with that disease. From early onset blindness, to strokes, heart attacks, loss of limbs and kidney failure causing weekly dialysis for sixteen years. But he never lost his faith in God. In fact, he would say to visitors, after asking them all about their families, “Let me tell you what Christ is doing in my life.” Dene walked with Christ right up to his final breath here on earth.

That was the clue I needed to what God’s vision had been for me all along. I had to ask myself, “John, who have you been telling about Christ?” For many years I had wanted to work with men to help them with their wounded hearts so that they too could be restored, reconciled and renewed. I had the mechanism but had never put it into play.

So, with a team of men who are giving their time and talents, we are bringing a new work to life. Rooted deeply in the writings of John Eldredge and his Wild at Heart book and Boot Camp and with John’s permission, we are presenting a new men’s seminar. Life Quest Seminars is it’s name and our first seminar takes place April 14-17, 2016. I invite you to look through www.lifequestseminars.com and share the URL with any men you know. There they will learn all about the seminar.

Not only are we bringing John Eldredge’s message but we are also including experiential learning (no, there won’t be any tree climbing) and something called GPS values and principles. This seminar is 4-days at a remote location with an additional 40-weeks of small group work called GPS Roundtables. GPS training has been presented nationally and internationally to governments, police agencies, in prisons, in schools and more. It is powerful material and worth attending Life Quest Seminars Boot Camp just to be introduced to GPS.

Due to the nature of the experiential learning work, we will limit the total number of participants. So book early and begin to apply this cutting edge work into your life immediately. This will become a milestone in your life that you will talk of for years to come. And, you’ll want other men that you know to have the opportunity to attend, so bring them with you. The venue will accommodate group registration.

I am looking forward to supporting men from around the world who know that there is something more for them but it always seems just out of reach. It was through my work with John Eldredge at his Wild At Heart Boot Camp that I gained clarity and the pieces I was missing. Join us so that you too can experience what it is to feel whole and worthy of your calling. I promise, something great is going to take place.