Life Quest Seminars is an organization formed of ten men and women who have each experienced deep transformation in their lives. The Founder, John Edwards, spent over a decade facilitating personal development seminars around the world in the United States, Canada, Norway, China, and Australia. The power of these seminars is made evident by the thousands of lives transformed, businesses that experienced exponential growth, families and individual lives restored, growth in churches in areas of giving, contribution and membership increase and more.

Although the work John was involved with was powerful and transformative, he began to experience a growing sense that there was another challenge calling him to explore. In 2012, John felt a clear calling to lead, contribute and accomplish more than he had ever dared to undertake previously and so he began a new journey.


Over the next four years, John spent time investing and preparing himself by deepening and strengthening his own personal transformation by attending more trainings and seminars. One such training was John Eldredge’s Wild at Heart Boot Camp. Here John gained clarity around this new journey and his calling became more intense inspiring him to invite others to join him.

Understanding the challenge was well beyond the scope of his individual capacity, John prayed for God to identify the men and women intended to be part of his team on this journey. God brought six men and three women, who had all been through previous trainings, that John facilitated over a number of years. Each one had heard their own calling, and upon hearing John’s vision, immediately knew they were meant to be part of the team and journey and a motley band was formed. Within weeks, they began the work of creating Life Quest Seminars’ Forge Experience and Beauty Revealed with a mission to lead, inspire and influence men and women to encounter, experience and restore their authentic heart.

By bringing three distinctive training mechanisms together, John and his team have created a unique training modality and experience. Although the training is firmly rooted in the writings and principles of John Eldredge, the Life Quest Seminars experience transcends all religions and belief systems. Participants of Life Quest Seminars will gain a deeper clarity and understanding of the truths of who they are and the obstacles and illusions that continue to prevent them from creating the life they are each meant to live. Each participant will be battle tested, armed and strengthened with understanding that they do not have to go it alone. Participants can expect to experience release and renewal during the training and leave feeling engaged, empowered and inspired to live passionately having restored their authentic heart.