John is an author, executive coach, and speaker who trains individuals and organizations to lead, inspire, and influence their teams, so they thrive with passion and purpose. He leads, influences, and inspires corporations, associations, churches, and individuals to realize more of their visions and goals.

John has facilitated thousands of people in leadership, transformational, personal, and spiritual development seminars globally, including the United States, Europe, Canada, Australia, and China.  John is one of 21 Facilitators, based in the United States, who is certified by the Leonard Family Trust to produce and facilitate The Samurai Game®*, a powerful leadership experiential simulation that challenges participants around their decisiveness, honor, dignity, integrity, respect, compassion, and personal commitment.

John’s mission of restored hearts and character transformation of humanity has created opportunities to support the leaders of top health organizations, Fortune 100-500 companies, small businesses, private companies, Internet Marketing companies, and thousands of individuals from all walks of life.

Founder of Life Quest Seminars,, John is dedicated to guiding men and women to encounter, experience, and restore their authentic hearts.  Revealing and healing the heart’s wounds is the purpose of Life Quest Seminars’ Forge Experience for men Beauty Revealed and The Butterfly Affect for women, and Base Camp for men and women.

Also, John offers 1-2-day Samurai Game®* training for association and business leaders whose vision is dedicated to developing their employees into committed, action-oriented, resourceful, and mission-driven teams.

John and his wife, Linda, have been married for 54 years.  They have 2 adult children, 3 grandchildren, and 5 great-grandchildren.

To learn more about having John speak to your teams and present multi-day experiences, including The Samurai Game®*.  Use the Contact Us option and schedule a personal call from John.

John’s new book: Softcover, Hardcover, and eBook, are available now:

Despite Me Two Dimensions 300x300 - John Edwards

Break free of the layers of wounds, pain, and anger that are keeping you from living a life of passion and purpose.

At age seven, every child’s unconscious mind is programmed with self-limiting decisions, -beliefs, and worldviews. By thirteen, these programs are locked into the unconscious and operate in the background for the rest of his or her life.

John Edwards takes you on a journey, exploring childhood trauma and how your trauma is alive and active in your daily interactions with others. His visceral account of being bullied, sexually molested, and abused is a story of hope. If he can overcome his self-limiting beliefs and skewed worldviews to create a life of success, joy, and love, everyone has a chance.

In Despite Me, you will discover the keys to living from passion and purpose. Dare to tear away the curtain to expose your wounds and reignite your ability to dream big, imagine what is possible, and learn how to stop settling for bones.

  • Stop questioning your confidence, courage, and self-worth, and create your dreams and goals.
  • Expose and heal your wounds from betrayal, abandonment, abuse, molestation, and scarcity.
  • Harness your negative emotional experiences and put the brakes on unintended responses.

Discover a proven pathway to passion and purpose today!

John Edwards is committed to creating transformational leaders using his writing, seminars coaching, and being an example of successful, intentional character development. He believes that by helping adults overcome their limiting beliefs -decisions and shift their worldviews, they will return to their families and begin to create generational change.  John and his wife, Linda, fulfill their purpose to restore the authentic hearts of men and women.

* The Samurai Game® Ownership

The Samurai Game® is a copyrighted simulation owned by The Leonard Family Trust ©George Leonard 1977 #TXu-1-626-797 International Copyright Secured. All rights reserved. The trade name “The Samurai Game” holds US Trademark Reg #2630801

Relevant Certifications:

Facilitator/Producer | The Samurai Game®

Senior Lead Facilitator | Group Seminars

Facilitator | Living As A Leader Leadership Development Series and System

The American Board of Neuro Linguistic Programming (ABNLP) | Practitioner

ABNLP | Time Line Therapy™ Practitioner

ABNLP | Business and Life Coach

The American Board of Hypnotherapy (ABH) | Hypnotherapist H37152