Laura Smyer is a freelance Project Consultant and Manager, and Personal Development Coach. Since 2013 she has had the privilege of working with nationally known celebrities to create larger performance platforms, creating a national youth leadership camp for at-risk youth, creating a booking and management company for Christian Comedians and Speakers, and part of creating new avenues for the advancement of Christian entertainment to the mainstream, among other exciting projects.

Deep curiosity and passion for the roots of human communication behaviors and the desire to see people live to their fullest potential led to degrees in Communication Studies and Philosophy from Texas Tech University, Management roles with JP Morgan Chase Bank, KCA Foundational Coach Certification, GPS Master Facilitator, and Lead Facilitator for Life Quest Seminars.

Laura started her professional career as a professional horse trainer and world-level competitor. Determination, passion, intention, and commitment to excellence led to a Nationals Collegiate competition, three World Championship appearances that garnered a World Championship, and Top 10 results in 18 different events.

Laura and her husband, Scott, currently live in North Texas.