Lisa Burns is a woman of many passions that flow into one purpose – helping others find healing, freedom, and growth. This has been the motivating factor that has driven her most of her life. Lisa worked with inner city youth and street kids spanning from Roswell, NM; Kansas City, KS; Harlem, NY; Skid Row, LA to the most poverty stricken areas of Honduras. She shared messages of hope and redemption to women in prison systems across Texas.

In 2002, Lisa began her teaching career at an at-risk, Title 1 elementary campus in the Dallas area. Lisa strongly believes that if we equip our youth early with coping skills to deal with adversity, we would no longer need rehabilitation centers when they are adults. As a result of her passion and dedication, she was chosen for certification to facilitate and train the “FranklinCovey 7 Habits of Highly Effective People”, on her campus. She has implemented these tremendous leadership techniques throughout her entire teaching repertoire, in order to share these skills to her young charges.

In 2013, Lisa saw the overwhelming cycle of trauma being passed down from parents to children and wanted to help break that cycle. From 2013-2017 she became certified as an Executive Trauma Life Coach. In doing so, she realized how effective this training was, not only for those who have experienced childhood trauma, but also for the educators who are responsible for them. So, in 2018, she began training educators in the district on how to work with students of trauma and battle the effects of Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACE’s).

Lisa kicked off “Unbreakable Joy” through social media and frequently shares encouraging messages and videos through that venue. She continues to speak across multiple platforms sharing a message of hope, freedom, and overcoming adversity. While all of this is a mouthful, if you asked Lisa to sum up “who” she is, she would tell you, “I’m just a hot mess, hurricane of sunshine, mixed with a healthy portion of street! ‘Nuff said!”