Scott Smyer was born and raised in Lubbock Texas. He attended Texas Tech University where he earned degrees in Cell-Molecular Biology, Chemistry, and later, Food Science. His career path took him into software development where he has worked for more than 10 years serving as a business analyst, Project Manager, and Director of Operations. Scott currently works for one of the world’s leading providers of enterprise software solutions/applications designed for the retail automotive industry.

In 2007, Scott followed a passion and dream to perform standup comedy. What started out as a curious interest and hobby has developed into a career. Today Scott performs professionally and travels the country getting paid to live life from his passion, comedy. In 2013, Scott took the role of Road Manager and opening act for Michael Jr, TV comedian, celebrity and movie actor. It was during this time on the road that Scott’s personal recovery story from addiction gained a voice and today he uses comedy and speaking to offer hope to those who still struggle. Scott performs comedy in churches, prisons and shelters taking comedy to those who need it the most.

Scott currently resides in Dallas Texas with his wife, Laura, and daughter, Olivia.