Tanya Alexander is a fierce and courageous warrior. Her determination and transparency inspires those around her. She has a passion for learning and to be the light for others to shine beyond their stories that once held them captive.

Tanya is a dedicated and loving mother of six; the oldest is 25 and the youngest is 10. She also has 4 grand-babies. Tanya put herself through college while raising her kids. From 2010 to 2017, she completed her bachelors of Psychology and Masters of Organizational Management at Ashford University; in addition she completed a second Masters of Psychology at University of the Rockies. 

As a result of her education and passion, she became the founder of Empowering 4 Impact that offers a six day residential camp for youth to be empowered through self-discovery and aid them as they step into leadership roles within their communities. Not only was she the lead facilitator but also the photographer of this camp, to ensure that youth were sent home with reminders of the warriors within themselves when facing life challenges back home. 

From the passion of working with youth at camp, Tanya decided to begin working with runaway and at-risk youth at Lutheran Social Services in Wisconsin, as the Program Coordinator. Through this work she is able to mentor and advocate youth year round, while redirecting youth from the potentials of high human trafficking areas. She’s had the privilege of teaching a workshop at a Wisconsin Association for Homeless and Runaway Services (WAHRS) conference in Wisconsin with materials and experiences from her leadership camp to help organizations better engage and connect with the youth they serve.

Tanya is a huge advocate for mental illness, as she’s had to face it in her personal and professional life. She is a certified facilitator and Lead for the National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI) Basics class and Family to Family Support Group. Through her grant writing abilities it has allowed the NAMI Barron County affiliate to expand its service area to include five other counties in which she oversees as an independent contractor. 

Tanya, the resilient overcomer, has found it vitally important to take time for self-care. Whether it’s simply taking a nap, reading a book, watching a comedy show or taking a road trip. She loves beaches and waterfalls, in her outdoor adventure seeking. This past year she fulfilled a lifelong dream by taking her first solo long distance road trip to Seattle from Wisconsin and back in 15 days.