Accelerate Leadership Seminar

A Premier Leadership Development Training

(A Convergency Systems Production)


All success requires knowledge and execution. Accelerate Leadership Seminar (ALS) is a program that provides both. It’s no secret that for your business, family, relationships, and life to work, you must be the best version of yourself possible. In our 20-years of experience coaching and training individuals and business leaders, we found that our transformational programs are the fastest and most effective method for creating results.

Our training includes both Experiential Learning (EL) and virtual classroom instruction. EL is a proven method for individuals to create life-lasting shifts because it gets to the heart of the human condition. It’s our negative unconscious beliefs and decisions (programming) that get in the way of creating our dreams and goals. During EL, participants build new, positive experiences that reveal these ineffective programs and provide the opportunity for significant transformational shifts.

ALS is a four-day intensive leadership development training for individuals and business leaders. Here members learn as individuals, in groups, and on a team how to create results in these areas:

  • Trust
  • Commitment
  • Relationship
  • Creativity
  • Loyalty
  • Overcome fear
  • Feedback
  • Setting goals
  • Accountability
  • …and more

What you want is far different than what you’ll create. Wanting, wishing, and desiring have little to do with all that you’ll create.


During ALS, you’ll gain a deeper understanding of what it means to be committed, who you believe you are as a person, and how the world experiences you. Often people see commitment as casual, circumstance, and chance-driven versus intentional and choice-driven. The two views oppose each other. Your results are determined by your self-imposed limiting decisions and beliefs and your understanding of commitment.

Transforming beliefs and decisions requires that people face their fears, get honest with themselves, and take risks with support and accountability. When individuals do this work, they most often experience significant breakthroughs, the kind of breakthroughs that support them in shifting all the unprofitable areas of their life.

Examine your life as it is today. Have you achieved all that is possible; better health, high income and assets, and spectacular relationships? Are you posing confidence on the outside while knowing you are an imposter?

Your self-image is your most significant limiting worldview.

The discovery of who you are, a new identity, leads to a quest with a clear image and vision of you. Discover how to:

  • Build committed relationships
  • Lead groups and teams
  • Reframe your past and leave the pain behind
  • Live bolder without fear and self-judgment
  • Release judgment of others
  • Restore broken relationships
  • Increase your capacity to create your goals
  • Design a future without limits or boundaries
  • …and more

Accelerate Leadership Seminar includes working with highly skilled Facilitators in human behavior and dynamics in an outdoor ranch setting. Members spend a day or more in an uncommon work and life environment where they are challenged as leaders and team members. Presented with problems to solve, they work together and focus on each person’s complementary skills. This forges strong teams and creates a safe, shared experience that the members can draw upon throughout their business career and beyond.

Program activities built around the ranch’s day-to-day activities includes working side-by-side with horses. Working with horses requires leadership, honesty, hard work, and consistency, or the horse will reject your advances. They are sensitive to human emotions and can read the slightest change in a person. As prey animals, horses are driven by flight or fight, and horses will most often choose flight. Humans need to connect and invite the horse to follow from trust and risk to engage a horse.


Members are responsible for their meals, lodging, and ground transportation to and from the seminar.