After attending the Captivating Retreat, by Stasi Eldredge in Fraser, CO in April 2016, all my nudgings from God came to a clarity that I have never had.  I am finally choosing to play a larger game in the world of supporting women to healing and freedom.  The lies we believe and run our life by are unacceptable, in my opinion.  Everyone has a voice in this world.  I choose to step up and also do a surrender trust fall into the dreams that I have always had.  I am no longer sitting on the sidelines judging other’s leadership. I am great at striving in areas that are easy or I excel in.  Now is the time to step into the vulnerability of the unknown.  My humor has carried me far, including from God in my younger years, and that isn’t enough.  I don’t  want to die and have my headstone read, that was one funny chick.  I know I have had nudgings ever since I can remember. I stepped into leading college and career small groups right after college, and now I lead small groups around the book I wrote and have counseled and encouraged people all my life.  I am the girl people tell their deepest darkest secret to.  These were great experiences and all were preparing me for today.  What if I didn’t step up?  That is what fuels me to the next level of accountability and leadership.  Let us journey together in the grace room, a place where judgment and legalism does not lead you,  and create what we say we want.  I am humbled and excited about God’s greatness in me and ready to unleash my beauty within on a whole new level.  Who am I not to be great?  I hope you join us at the next retreat, at our ranch where you get to be in the presence of an exceedingly abundant God and start dreaming again, with your whole heart.