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Base Camp

A systematic, interactive three-day workshop where you’ll discover your (IR’s) internal representations from long-term ingrained behaviors, limiting decisions, and limiting beliefs. You’ll learn to override ineffective IR’s and take actions that will support you in creating your desired results. Set BIG and exciting goals, expand, and see your possibilities for creating the life you really desire!

Typical Topics Covered:

  • Find a better job.

  • Increase your income.

  • Increase your capacity to love.

  • Quickly build your client base.

  • Improve work and career relationships.

  • Tools to communicate across all generations.

  • Realize greater results from the goals you choose.

  • Improve communication with your loved ones.

  • Think and act beyond existing views and limits.

  • Expand your wealth consciousness (Abundance).

  • Heal and restore relationships, past and present.

  • Save a marriage or make a good marriage even better.

  • Produce spectacular results regardless of the circumstances.

  • Experience creating results when you have no idea what to do.

  • Take a deeper dive into your health, wellness, and spiritual walk.

When available: Tuition: $1,195 (SAVE $600 –Early Bird Sign up)

New Dates TBA, 2021

Join us…

Friday (Registration at 5:30 pm)

Saturday 10 am

Sunday 10:00 am (completed by 6:00 pm)