This training is not only for you; it’s about you!

Are you searching for that elusive “something”?

Would you benefit from a time to refresh and energize?

Beauty Revealed provides insights into questions we ask:

Am I loved?

What is my worth?

Am I beautiful?

Do you delight in me?

Will you fight for me?

This seminar is like none other!

It is a fresh and unique approach in the realm of transformation and experiential training.

Beauty Revealed is packed with opportunities for revelations, breakthroughs, and freedom.


We asked women from all walks of life what it’s like to develop relationships with other women.

We learned their experience is often harsh, full of gossip, and ending in pain and loss.  As a result, these women lacked a desire to have close female friends in their future.

Where others motivate, we actively transform.

Beauty Revealed is more than a four-day women’s retreat.  It’s the beginning of a new and empowered life. It’s a journey to the core of who you are.  With your new revelations and breakthroughs, you’ll grow in confidence, courage, and power to create the life you’ve longed for.


Accountability and sharing this experience with others is key when it comes to personal transformation. After self-reflective work, one of the biggest concerns is integrating your new learning into the “new you.”  Your workshop small group remains intact long after you return home. Together, the group encourages you in the transformation you desire to retain.

This is enhanced during the post-seminar 40-week RoundTable® discussions using our GPS Values. A RoundTable® session is a weekly phone conversation with members of your group. Each call takes up to 45 minutes; your group determines the weekday and time of your call.  All materials, instructions, and your facilitator certification are provided during your training.

Join us to get to the core of who you were meant to be. Dream big again, be confident, know your worth, and leave behind what keeps you stuck.


This is not a parent/child event for first-time attendees.*  We strongly encourage mothers and daughters to attend, but they may need to attend at different times. After completing Beauty Revealed, we encourage both mothers and daughters to return and audit together and separately.

Participants must be eighteen years of age to register.

*An exception may be granted if one or both have experienced personal development training that included parent-child exercises.  Call 800-260-3685 and press (0) to discuss this possibility.