Self Discovery

“The greatest burden a child must bear is the unlived life of its parents.”

—Carl Jung

Most people don’t live as if they are genuinely free. Events from our past and beliefs about ourselves keep us in bondage.

At Beauty Revealed, you have the opportunity to break free from your wounds, shame, blame, and guilt to spread your wings and fly!

“I just don’t know who I am.”

“I don’t know what my purpose is.”

We’ve heard these statements too many times to count. After years of raising kids, working at an unfulfilling job, years of marriage—many women have lost their sense of self and have forgotten what it’s like being connected to their hearts and desires.

Participants of Beauty Revealed experience one of the most significant opportunities of their lives: a guided, in-depth look into their hearts. As a result, participants discover who they are, who they want to be, and the life they are meant to live. 

Find answers to the deep questions we all want to know:

Who do I want to be?

What do I want for my life?

Do I matter? 

How do I make a difference?

With these questions answered, participants gain a new level of love, understanding, and compassion for themselves.


Lasting Change

Beauty Revealed equips you with proven practical tools for lasting change. We know the challenges daily life brings. So we send our participants home with new tools in their toolbox and a support system of women who understand the journey

Participants will meet women from all walks of life who desire more for their lives and to have a real impact in the world. 


Launch into Your Next Phase

What is it that we hold onto that makes achieving what we say we want from life, feel impossible?

Are you ready to let go of what may be holding you back and create the life you want and go to the next level?


“Hell begins the day God grants you the vision to see all that you could have done, should have done, and would have done, but did not do.” 

—Johann Wolfgang von Goethe 

Don’t say six months or five years from now, “I should have gone to Beauty Revealed. I’m in the same place now as I was before.” 

Join us and see the adventure and beauty your heart and life are waiting for you to create from the tools you’ll gain at Beauty Revealed.