Beauty Revealed is a combination of the teachings of Stasi and John Eldredge, their book, Captivating – Unveiling the Mystery of a Woman’s Soul, Experiential Learning, and Global Priority Solutions®, (GPS) into one powerful four-day experience. This is a seminar like none other.  It is new and unique in the realm of transformational and experiential training. We include 40 weeks of virtual training that further anchors our transformational experiences, small group relationships, and accountability.  Facilitated by three powerful women who have come together with passion, through God’s leading, to pack the weekend full of realizations, vulnerability, breakthrough, freedom, and relationships.  Typical benefit testimonials from those who have attended Life Quest Seminars’Beauty Revealed indicate it can be one of the most transforming experiences of your life.

We have found when asking groups of women or individually, most describe their journey with other women to be harsh, full of gossip and ending in pain, loss, and the lack of desire to have female relationships in the future. Where others simply motivate, we actively transform. Beauty Revealed is more than a four-day women’s retreat; it is the beginning of a new and empowered life. Sharing this experience with others around us is key when it comes to personal transformation.  This is a journey to the core of you, and with that awareness, you will begin to heal and therefore create the relationships with others for which you have always longed.

One of the biggest needs after taking yourself on at a seminar or retreat is how to go back to your life and implement the “new you”. Accountability is key to this, and after the weekend you will have a small group that is here to encourage you in the changes you desire to create. This is accomplished in the post-seminar 40-weeks of RoundTable® discussions & training using the Global Priority Solutions material.  A RoundTable® session is a weekly phone conversation with other members of the training weekend, lasting about 45 minutes; the day and time of your call are determined by your small group.

Come, join us and get to the core of who you were meant to be. Dream, heal and leave behind what simply does not serve you.  You are Beauty Revealed – A Journey to Freedom.

Due to the intimate and personal nature of the content and modules of this seminar, Beauty Revealed is not to be considered a parent/child event.* We strongly encourage mothers and their daughters to attend, but they may need to participate in different seminars. After their first completion of Beauty Revealed, we encourage both mothers and daughters to return and audit together. Due to the nature and depth of the content and experience, Beauty Revealed is not designed for children or youth. You must be at least eighteen years of age to enroll as a participant.

(*An exception may be granted if one or both have experience personal development training that included parent-child exercises.  Call 844-395-1477 and press (0) to discuss this possibility)