~ Transforming Average into Extraordinary ~

How would you like to awaken, each day feeling empowered, passionate, courageous and worthy of your place on this earth? Well, that isn’t the way average people start their day. For many their day starts with thoughts of everything they must accomplish. Sometimes before putting even one foot on the floor, some have created a mental to-do list – a daunting list of both significant and unimportant items that will consume their day. It is likely, much of it will not be completed and will roll onto the next day’s list, or imagery of all that they do not have and would like to have. Before an average person has their first cup of coffee, they are already feeling overwhelmed and beaten down, feeling like no matter what they do they are not destined to live the life they dream of living.

In contrast, a person who lives an extraordinary life awakens quite differently. This person considers how they want their day to unfold and the virtues or character traits that will be required of them to create such a day. In other words, they think first of their state of being that they will live out that day. Then they take action from that state of being to produce their desired results. People who live extraordinary lives may feel tired at the end of their day but it is a very different experience than what the average person feels. Average just wants to eat a meal, watch a couple hours of television and go to bed. While extraordinary, after a meal and refreshment, is ready to work on their plan that produces satisfaction and fulfillment.

Life Quest Seminars’ programs are designed to support our participants in shifting from average lives to extraordinary lives. This is done by transforming individuals who have been debilitated  in life to empowered men and women ready to lead their families and communities, by restoring those who feel unworthy to those who know their worth, by creating opportunities for persons to step into courage and experience what it means to live in a larger story; a life full of adventure and excitement. We do this by renewing the minds of participants, by replacing their old debilitating beliefs and illusions with the truth of who they are.

At Life Quest Seminars you will encounter, experience and restore your authentic heart. Becoming men and women of compassion, commitment, courage and integrity, excited to create more success and to step into intimacy with their families. At Life Quest Seminars you will awaken your warrior within and gain victory over defeat.