2603, 2019

Wait…I Get To Choose? ~ Jessica D.

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So, I have been going back and forth about posting this; I think because of that underlying fear of what others think, but I know this is a safe space to share my journey in life. Beauty Revealed really helped me wake up and realize More

1803, 2019

But I’m Not Broken ~ Arlene G.

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Self help, personal development, personal growth… these can be such scary, negative words to some. This implies – to some – that there is something wrong with them, or that they are broken. I don’t believe this to be true at all… I believe that More

1906, 2018

Radiant Warrior ~ Stephanie B.

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Did you ever think you could live life to its fullest? Well, I am living a life I never knew even existed for a single mom like myself. I felt like I was living in the movie Groundhog’s Day. It was just repeating itself over More

1211, 2017

Journey to Freedom ~ Lisa M.

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Have you ever wondered, "Who AM I?", "Who am I meant to be?", "What is life REALLY about?", "Will I ever find a purpose for my life?", "Does my life matter?" I have! For the past several years, these are the questions I struggled daily More

311, 2017

I Found Myself ~ Kelly O.

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After attending Beauty Revealed 3, Oct. 26-29, my life became lighter and easier. Before Beauty Revealed 3 I struggled badly with the brokenness of my soul. I thought everything was ok. I resisted attending. My transformation was intense and well worth the journey. I found myself, More

607, 2017

Taking GPS to Heart ~ Linda E.

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As one of the facilitators for Beauty Revealed (Life Quest Seminars), I committed to participate in a GPS RoundTable on a weekly basis. I am so proud to say that we’ve just completed 40 weeks of training. Our dedication to remain steadfast and faithful to More

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