1809, 2021

Growth is a Process ~ Jamie D.

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I have been blessed to create a significant amount of value in my Beauty Revealed (BR) experiences. When I was a student, I learned that I am physically and mentally strong. My breakthrough experience was so liberating! I felt free!! In the BR experience More

1809, 2021

I Am Not My Parents ~ Jessica G.

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Beauty Revealed allowed me to see how powerful I truly am and how loud my inner voice and fire are. I found that I value myself enough to commit to self-improvement, learning to quiet the negative voices in my head and feed and fuel More

2308, 2021

Joyful Warrior of Strength ~ Michelle K.

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The value I have created at Beauty Revealed has been life-changing, not only in the now but generationally; as my life changes, the generations behind me and future generations are changing as I witness this first hand. Loving and respecting myself, I realize that my More

1002, 2020

Out Of The Darkness ~ Lisa B.

By |Feb - 2020|Categories: Breakthrough, Commitment, Courage, Integrity|0 Comments

In 2nd grade I had to write a paper about what I wanted to be when I grew up, I wrote 3 words, “Alive and safe.” My childhood memories are marked with abuse, entrapment, hunger and fear. I was buried in darkness before I ever More

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