Have you ever felt like you were just stuck in life?  Have you felt life was passing you by like you were just existing, stagnant, and taking up space? Are you concerned that you are not participating with those around you or contributing value to life?  Have you ever experienced being on the verge of creating success but something or someone kept getting in your way?  All of these questions have a commonality, and you are not alone.  We all have experienced moments of needing to break through some unknown and unseen barrier in life.


One of humanity’s greatest struggles is seeing ourselves as worthy of having the life envisioned in our dreams.  Our concerns of what others will think of us create a daily struggle sapping our energy and life force, chaining us to self-defeating thoughts and mantras we repeat, endlessly, both consciously and unconsciously.   Self-defeating thoughts like, “If our parents or siblings have not created success then when we do, they will reject us and believe we think ourselves better than them.”  Or the opposite, “If they have created significant successes and fortune, then we may create the belief that we are not good enough to do the same.”  These illusions and narratives we create, ongoing in every moment and every day, about such concerns, keep us stuck on this joyless treadmill of life.

Participants of Life Quest Seminars will have the opportunities to not only identify the areas where they are stuck but also to consciously choose to BREAKTHROUGH these old barriers once and for all.  They will come to know themselves on a deeper, spiritual level so they feel and demonstrate more compassion and forgiveness for themselves and for others.  Those who attend will experience lasting transformation with increased confidence, building up of self-esteem and integrity, and a sense of profound peace, healing, and grace.