Self help, personal development, personal growth… these can be such scary, negative words to some. This implies – to some – that there is something wrong with them, or that they are broken. I don’t believe this to be true at all… I believe that there is a whole different perspective in which to see these things.

We are born into this world innocent, pure and free from any pre-conceived ideas or limitations. As we grow and have daily experiences (good, bad or indifferent), we create meanings around them and these begin to shape our lives in ways we aren’t remotely aware of.

To borrow a partial line from 1 Corinthians 13:12 and use it out of context, “now we see but a dim reflection as in a mirror”. What if there was a way to break through some of these meanings that don’t serve us, shed the mantles that have been holding us back (without our realization), have the opportunity to have some real “a-ha’s” about ourselves, and be given the opportunity to truly be the people we were meant to be?

I am extremely fortunate to have had this experience, and I know that I’ve released a lot that was holding me back from being all that I am meant to be. It wasn’t a “Magic Pill” and nobody gave me my answers… it doesn’t work that way. In November of 2018, I chose to attend “Beauty Revealed” (a program of Life Quest Seminars). This session was held on the Oregon Coast – truly a beautiful place – and a great setting for this workshop. In a beautiful setting, surrounded by loving and supportive women, whom I quickly grew to call my friends, I got the opportunity – through experiential learning – to dig deep and uncover some views and perspectives that I had that were based on untruths, half truths, or misguided perceptions that were blocking me from my full potential. Women from a variety of backgrounds and a wealth of different experiences come together to attend this workshop. Some have had traumatic experiences and others (like myself) have not. Regardless of one’s experience, the breakthroughs can be significant! Mine certainly were for me.

I had some huge breakthroughs that weekend, and got the chance to dig in deep. Since returning home, I have support from the ladies who were with me that weekend. I continue to make changes and have breakthroughs. I still get to continue doing the work – it could be easy to simply shut down and ignore the a-ha’s, however that does not serve me! Some of the changes have been minor – and the little things all add up to big things over time! Since I have returned from Beauty Revealed, I have approached every day with a positive perspective, believing in myself and knowing that I make a ripple in the world around me… I get to choose what kind of ripple I want to make!