Where others simply motivate, we actively transform. A true test of effective training is how the material and lessons taught are actually integrated into our lives , families and communities. Life Quest Seminars is more than a four-day retreat or simple boot camp; it is the beginning of a new and empowered life. Sharing this experience with others around us is key when it comes to personal transformation. Returning to tired, worn out and old ways of living after a four-day weekend is not transformation. Transformation happens when one lives the lessons learned and creates the value and experience beyond the training on day five. Our intention is lasting and engaged transformation and so we have put our money where our proverbial mouth is, so to speak, as part of our new training modality.


We seek to support our participants beyond our initial four-day training by including, at no additional charge, 40 weeks of values and principles training. By doing so, each participant can make a daily choice to live fully, encouraging others around them to do so as well. In collaboration with Global Priority Solutions®, Life Quest Seminars will provide participants with four manuals each containing 10 values and principles. That’s a total of 40 lessons to be studied, discussed and applied to one’s life. Each value is described clearly in detail along with the benefits of living out the value, it’s characteristics and the steps to follow in the days ahead. Participants will receive the initial training at Life Quest Seminars needed to guide and participate in RoundTable® discussions with a small group and will practice these skills with other participants in the 40 weeks following the seminar. Learning to facilitate these RoundTable® discussions has lead others to take on this inspired, hands-on training as coaching material in their businesses, as part of their daily growth, training opportunities in family, business, church and other group settings. To learn more about how you can legally use this material outside of the Life Quest Seminars training contact us at info@lifequestseminars.com.