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Vancouver Business owner, John Edwards’ Book, “Despite Me; Discover a Proven Pathway to a Life of Passion and Purpose,” Nominated for Global Award




John’s book was riveting and timely. While hopelessness grips many, as so much uncertainty is amongst us all, in a way, we as a world have never known, John’s book encourages, challenges, and provokes, and above all, gives hope. Despite Me wakes us up to see our dreams more prominent than our memories, more significant than our setbacks, and energizes the reader to believe in the limitless life that is indeed waiting for them. who love your brand. It’s a great way to convince customers to try your services.

—Russ Irwin

I’ve had the privilege to count John as a mentor, both through the entire personal development seminar series, where I met him—through to this very day.  Honestly, I figured he’d always been such a significant connector, caring man, and a highly emotionally intelligent person. Getting to know his backstory only has me more in awe of the path he has been on to get here. Despite Me not only gave me some beautiful reminders of games we played but even more, a fuller recollection of what it all meant. Wherever you are on your journey, I recommend bringing John with you!

—Susan Anderson

John guides people to discover their complexity while delivering breakthroughs and transformational revelations that contain the power to change one’s life and direction—setting up the potential for new encounters and achievements not possible before renewing your mind.

—Lowell (Skip) Olmstead

Author John Edwards’ premise that the BIG people who raise us have a significant role in forming who we become and the beliefs we have about ourselves—captivated me. In Despite Me, Edwards guides us through the life journey of Jake. Like many, Jake navigates through numerous struggles in his life, most of them created because of the lies he has come to believe about himself. He ultimately comes to a fork in the road, one that leads him to unveil a life of significance—filled with joy, peace, love, acceptance, courage, and worthiness. Jake’s story reminds all of us of what can be if only we make room for it.

—Aleta Norris

John helped me and my healthcare business to reach for abundance and achieve business objectives that I thought impossible. Despite Me is an extraordinary message where he shares his wisdom with so many more business leaders and individuals. John has inspired thousands in his seminars and executive coaching programs.

—R. Alan Gleghorn

John’s training spoke to me at a level that opened my eyes to realize I had choices, and suffering is optional. Learning these things has changed my perspective completely. It opened my mind to possibilities that have far exceeded my original goal of becoming a personal fitness trainer and being happy.

Despite Me is a relatable read. Some of the obstacles presented are things we all can relate to, and some are shocking and unexpected. An excellent read for anyone who is seeking answers to make changes in their own lives.

—Suzie DeBar