Life Quest Seminars is an organization formed of men and women who have each experienced deep transformation in their lives. The Founder, John Edwards, spent over a decade facilitating personal development seminars around the world in the United States, Canada, Norway, China, and Australia. The power of these seminars is made evident by the thousands of lives transformed, businesses that experienced exponential growth, families and individual lives restored, growth in churches in areas of giving, contribution, membership increase and more.

John spent time investing and preparing himself by deepening and strengthening his own personal transformation by attending more trainings and seminars. One such training was John Eldredge’s Wild at Heart Boot Camp. Here John gained clarity around his new journey and his calling became more intense inspiring him to invite others to join him.

God brought together the men and women that John had facilitated over a number of years. Each one had heard their own calling, and upon hearing John’s vision, immediately knew they were meant to be part of the team and journey and a motley crew was formed. Within weeks, they began the work of creating Forge Experience and Beauty Revealed.

  • To lead, inspire and influence men and women to encounter, experience and restore their authentic heart.
  • Once you have attended Forge Experience or Beauty Revealed we consider you to be part of the global team.  Our goal is to prepare men and women to return home and become the leaders they were always meant to be in their families and communities.  You can return to a future Forge Experience or Beauty Revealed training and further your transformation for a nominal fee.  Should Life Quest Seminars be searching for speakers, facilitators or other such positions we will post notices on our website,

Forge Experience seminar weekend is an honest journey into the deep recesses of a man’s heart, where his passions and desires have been asleep far too long. It is a weekend intended for the healing of the wounds he has taken in his life and into the areas of fatherhood, sex, his relationship with God and his true calling; to reintroduce men to their epic larger story – life as it was meant to be lived.  Men who attend Boot Camp will leave transformed and possessing the tools that will support them in their reentry into their lives.  Forge Experience trains and encourages men to walk in the fullness and strength of their authentic heart and step into the battle to help set other’s hearts free.

Beauty Revealed – A Journey to Freedom seminar weekend is that and more: a journey to freedom and discovery. We explore the mysterious depths of a woman’s heart, where she has buried her desires and longings, and has been misunderstood for much too long. The weekend’s purpose is to heal the wounds received in her past; to release, forgive, and move through the rest of her life in wholeness; to rediscover her passion and purpose for her life and the essence of who she is; to equip her to step forward to live the vibrant life she deserves and lead the people in her world to do the same.

  • We highly recommend that you read John Eldredge’s book, Wild At Heart before attending Forge Experience or John and Stasi Eldredge’ book, Captivating before you attend Beauty Revealed.  Our training is deeply rooted in John and Stasi’s writings and teachings and we are presenting material that Ransomed Heart has authorized us to use.
  • If you are someone who uses prayer as part of your journey in life we encourage you to ask God to prepare your heart for the transformation that He intends for you.
  • For your physical health, hydrate your body more than you might otherwise.  Our Seminars are sometimes held at high elevation so coming hydrated is important.  You will need to come well hydrated and continue to hydrate during your weekend experiences.
  • For the benefit of everyone, we STRONGLY suggest that you disconnect from your normal environment during the entirety of the weekend.  Phones, computers, iPods, tablets and such devices keeps you in your mind.  Life Quest is about connecting to a deeper level of who you are, your HEART.  Take care of your business affairs, your family and home obligations before you leave so that you are not distracted once we have begun the work of restoring your heart.
  • Do give the phone number of the venue to your family and business associates should an emergency arise.  The host venue will be happy to relay a message, even in the middle of a session.
  • Most of the sessions of Forge Experience and Beauty Revealed are typical of one’s daily physical activities, sitting, standing and walking. Our experiential modules may involve more physical activity than walking or moving around the seminar room. However, each participant has the opportunity to choose in to or opt out of any and all of such activities. Participation is solely up to each participant’s level of comfort.
  • During the free time the resort may offer activities that may require a bit more physicality, but each person makes a personal choice whether or not to take part in those activities.  These activities are generally booked direct with the resort and are not part of the Life Quest Seminars program.
  • Due to the intimate nature of the event, Forge Experience and Beauty Revealed should not be viewed as a parent/adult child event for first time participants.  We strongly encourage parents and adult children to attend but in separate trainings.  Once they have completed the training for the first time then we welcome, in fact, we encourage all to return to experience the event a second time, together.
  • Due to the depth and nature of the content and experience, Forge Experience and Beauty Revealed is not a place for youth under the age of 18 years.  Participants must certify that they are 18 years or older at the time of registration.
  • Not much really.  You will be staying at a resort that provides all bedding, towels and such items.  For your comfort, we suggest that you bring your personal toiletries, good outdoor walking shoes (closed toed), swimsuit and warm coat, vest or sweater.  We suggest that you bring a flashlight, a Bible or prayer book, a journal for notes and writing instrument.  It’s a good idea to bring a pair of earplugs; after all, your roommate may snore. For the resort activities bring some extra cash or method of payment.  That’s about it.
  • That’s an easy one to remedy.  Bring someone with whom you would like to go through this experience, someone who you are willing to support and be supported by once you return home.  Your lodging is priced per person, multiple occupancy, so if you come by yourself we will place additional persons in the same room, unless you request to room alone. (Rooming alone is charged at a higher cost per the resort requirements.)
  • Arriving late would not serve you or any of the other participants.  To miss any portion of the beginning or days following would compromise the effectiveness and significance of the work that you will be doing.  This is a time to take on personal responsibility and arrive on time.  We encourage you to arrive the day prior to the Seminar beginning so that you are not subject to late flights or traffic conditions that could cause you to be late.  If for any reason you cannot be there at the beginning of the Seminar, call one of our facilitators at 844-395-1477.  You may be asked to postpone your experience to a future Event.
  • Registration is open to the public on a first come basis.  We do limit the number of attendees at this time.  We strongly encourage you to register from our website  through our state of the art, encrypted system.  Your credit card information will never be on Life Quest Seminars’ server and is transmitted via encryption directly to the processing center.  You will receive a receipt by your choice of email or direct printing.
  • Shortly after your registration you will receive our Welcome Letter with important details that will support you.
  • Be sure to allow emails from Life Quest Seminars so that you do not miss out on future support messages before your Forge Experience or Beauty Revealed experience.

  • Your registration covers your tuition and materials used during Forge Experience and Beauty Revealed.  Additionally, we provide the four modules that contain the post camp 40-weeks of training that is included in the tuition.
  • Life Quest Seminars tuition is inclusive of your lodging and meals.  
  • Travel to and from the resort is NOT included in the tuition.  If you are driving, we encourage carpooling as a way to reduce your carbon footprint and expenses.
  • Transferring your tuition payment to another party may be permissible.  This is handled on a case-by-case basis.   Contact Life Quest Seminars at 844-395-1477 to learn of the requirements.
  • If the event is made impossible by any act of war or terrorism, an act of nature including earthquake or fire, strike, sickness, accident, epidemic, act of government, its agencies or officers, or any other legitimate cause beyond our control, we will reschedule the event and make available to you an enrollment into a future event.  If cancelled by Life Quest Seminars, for reasons within our control, we will offer you a full refund of your registration fee or allow you to transfer your registration fee to another person of your choosing.