Forge Experience isn’t just another men’s seminar.

As if anyone needs to attend another ho-hum seminar! Many seminars for men fail because they ignore what is really going on in a man’s heart. They attempt to change him through various intimidation tactics and pressure. Our Forge Experience is an honest journey into the deep recesses of a man’s heart. This is where his passions and desires have been asleep far too long. It’s a weekend intended for healing the wounds he’s taken in his life and into the areas of fatherhood, sex, and his true calling—life as it was meant to be lived.


Through the sessions, which include experiential learning modules with time for reflection, video clips, and outdoor adventures, you will discover something profound about your heart as a man. Typical benefit testimonials from those who have attended Life Quest Seminars’ Forge Experience indicate it can be one of the most transforming experiences of your life.


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Due to this seminar’s content and modules’ intimate and personal nature, Forge Experience is not a parent/child event.* We strongly encourage dads and their sons to attend, but they may need to participate in different seminars. After their first completion of Forge Experience, we encourage both father and sons to return and audit together and separately.

Forge Experience is not designed for children or youth. You must be 18 years of age to register as a participant.

(*An exception may be granted if one or both have experienced personal development training that included parent-child exercises.

Call 800-260-3685 and press (0) to discuss this possibility)