Unlike other forms of development, the RoundTable® Method encourages each person to contribute to the discussion in a collaborative environment, what we call “a roundtable setting.”

Our goal is to develop values-driven people in organizations and live out the principles they experience in the roundtable settings. The principles in combination with the Roundtable Methodology can change individual lives, families, and communities.

How is the time in a RoundTable® divided?

1/2 to 1-hour per week can change your life!

The global business world knows the value of Total Quality, ISO Standards, and Re-Engineering. Quality people make quality contributions. By gathering some of your associates and implementing basic principles into your culture, there can be a major change in the environment that you are in. In just 4 weeks there will be a change!

GPS ROUNDTABLE GRAPH CROPED 300x300 - GPS ~ RoundTable® Methodology

A: First 5-10 minutes

Let participants comment on the results of practicing last week’s principle. This is done at the beginning of the meeting.

B: Next 20-40 minutes

Ask that the principle be read slowly and have people underline that which catches their attention. Equally, divide the speaking and reading time among ALL the participants. Promote the participation of EVERYONE by having them answer the question. During this time, stay focused on the subject.

C: Final 5-10 minutes

Ask everyone to evaluate themselves from 1 to 10 on the application of each principle studied.


  • Four or fewer people for a 1/2 hour roundtable
  • Up to eight people (max) for no longer than an hour
  • Meet no longer than an hour
  • Stay focused on the Principle
  • Duplicate this process with others when possible

GPS has been extremely beneficial to me this last year as I have stepped into some huge roles in my business.  It seems I lack time and balance now with these roles.  Taking 30 minutes a week with my accountability and business partners has been eye opening to say the least.  I believe we all want to believe that we have arrived in something at the end of our lives.  The one word to work on a week is perfect for me in my busy life.  I see a massive benefit in bringing this into the work place.  I look forward in starting the second round of 40 weeks and seeing how I have shifted and grown and what I completely missed the first time around.  The next layer of growth is something I am looking forward to and can’t wait to dig in.  —Amanda A.

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