I have been blessed to create a significant amount of value in my Beauty Revealed (BR) experiences.

When I was a student, I learned that I am physically and mentally strong. My breakthrough experience was so liberating! I felt free!!

In the BR experience and system, I have a community of treasured friends that celebrate me and faithfully encourage and pray for me.

I learned to self-honor and am learning how to fill my cup first and the power of rest to achieve my goals and dreams. I realized I deserve to be loved and accepted. I’m more focused and manage my time better. I have a new understanding of the importance of effective communication and honoring commitments. I am a more loving, honest, and honorable person to others and myself.

I create value for myself when I choose to serve others and come from a refreshed full cup.

My personal development has become a priority in my life, such that I’m returning, for the second time, as a staff member in the November 11-14, 2021 Beauty Revealed.

Take advantage of this opportunity if you’re feeling stuck or know that you’d benefit from a breakthrough. Spending time with other women may sound scary, but it enhances transforming the person you are today in significant ways. You have everything to gain.