After attending Beauty Revealed 3, Oct. 26-29, my life became lighter and easier. Before Beauty Revealed 3 I struggled badly with the brokenness of my soul. I thought everything was ok. I resisted attending.

My transformation was intense and well worth the journey. I found myself, I found Kelly. The person I always knew was inside was now free to shine.

My family has noticed a difference. My sense of calm, my thinking before I act or speak and most of all my new found ability to let go of the chaos. Now I truly understand the saying, like water off a ducks back.

I feel energized, wake up with a smile and look forward to the day. This experience has given me hope to go into business for myself and dream big plus dream often.

For anyone wanting to understand where you came from I recommend this whole-heartedly. Participation is the key. Wake up!! This is your life; take it back and start living it with a full heart and a mind. Love to all my future soul sister butterflies.