Have you ever wondered, “Who AM I?”, “Who am I meant to be?”, “What is life REALLY about?”, “Will I ever find a purpose for my life?”, “Does my life matter?” I have! For the past several years, these are the questions I struggled daily to answer.

Having been stuck in my self created misery and unhappiness for so long, and becoming “comfortable” there, it was a real challenge for me to relinquish my false sense of control and step out into the unknown with faith that there was something better for me. That step was choosing to attend the Life Quest Seminars, women’s boot camp, Beauty Revealed 3. Because of this opportunity I was able to confront the things I was holding onto that were keeping me stuck! I worked through a lot of past hurts and anger and was able to let go and leave it behind!

The Beauty Revealed experience was completely transformational for me! It gave me the opportunity to discover the answers to my questions. Also, with the tools I was given, I was able to discover so much about myself! I discovered WHO I am, who I was ALWAYS meant to be, and what my role in life is! I learned that self-love and self-honor are vital to living a joyful, loving, fulfilling life! I AM worthy and I AM enough! I also discovered hope and the value of trust! I learned that it’s okay to dream, and to dream BIG! The feeling of complete FREEDOM these truths brought is beautiful!

This life altering experience hasn’t ended since I left Beauty Revealed 3. I have realized it’s a day-by-day journey! Each morning I can’t wait to face the day and see what it brings! My friends and family have noticed the change in my day to day approach of life. They’ve also heard the sound of life and happiness in my voice, which wasn’t there before. I have chose to implement all I learned into my everyday life. No more negative self-talk, only positive attitudes, self love, and believing in myself. These steps have all created new outcomes in my daily life!

I have to say that attending Beauty Revealed 3 was the best thing I could have ever done for myself! I am ALIVE and FREE!