Where is your identity?  If it is in man, your abilities, gifting and career, then there is probably a feeling of discontentment.  Do you have any dreams?  Have you found that maybe you don’t even know who you are anymore or what you enjoy doing?  Many times as women in relationships we support our kids and spouse for so many years that we forget who we are.  When was the last time you had a dream or calling?  What have you done with that?  Many shrink and step back, pushing others forward when called to lead. Have you ever experienced yourself doing this in a group, on a team, at work, at home? When you get to the core of who you are, you will be clear on your leadership position in this world.  Everyone is a leader, leading people in a positive or negative way.  The question is “Would you follow you?”  Do you like how you are showing up and leading in your family, relationships and workplace?  Everyone is in a struggle. Come, join us at Beauty Revealed and get to the core of your discontentment, find wholeness and create a different, more effective life for you and your family.  

Participants of Beauty Revealed may experience one of their greatest challenges in life: to stare into a mirror and ask, “Who am I, and do I have a bigger purpose than what I am doing now?” “Am I a leader?” “Am I captivating?” “Am I seen, do I matter?!”



What is Freedom anyway?  Our goal at the Beauty Revealed weekend is to unveil the answers inside of you that you have always had.  Have you experienced a deep loneliness even when you are surrounded by many loving people?  What is that and who is going to fill that cavern?  The shame, blame and guilt that you may be living with is the result of confusion and lies into which you have bought.

We are beautiful women, created to be alluring and captivating.  

That sentence probably generated a visceral reaction within you because we hide the very best of being, our beauty. Our life experiences and how we have responded has resulted in who we are today.  Would you like to take an honest look at your past and release, forgive, and move through the rest of your life in wholeness?  We do not have your answers, but we do know the question every woman is asking deep down inside.  Please join us in a space of grace and uncover the mystery of a woman and who we were originally created to be.  Come with an agenda to receive freedom in your life in as many areas that you are willing to open the door.