The value I have created at Beauty Revealed has been life-changing, not only in the now but generationally; as my life changes, the generations behind me and future generations are changing as I witness this first hand. Loving and respecting myself, I realize that my life does make a difference. The trickle effect has shown up with the people around me.

As I’ve heard others share their story, as I felt dead inside at the time, their story sprouted new life inside me, giving me new hope. There is value in being vulnerable and what a relationship looks and feels like. Sharing my story permits my children and their children to view life in a whole different light.

I am more powerful than I think, and that when someone tries to shut me up, it is because my presence holds more power than his or her position. Through this, I have overcome the fear of insecurity in shrinking and doubting myself. I am becoming more aware of when I push people away instead of welcoming them into love.

I have realized I do have my answers and that I get to implement them into my life and live a life of excellence and integrity. To keep pushing through the pain of the familiar lies, I’ve believed and realized that my feelings aren’t where my true self is. My true self is who my creator says I am, and I push through my feelings and stand on the truth of who I am in Him. My circumstances in my past were only a tactic of the enemy to steal, kill and destroy my Purpose in my life and as long as I believe the lies, I cannot live my true Purpose. Beauty Revealed taught me to look at all circumstances of my past and see them for what they are; distractions from the real me.

I embrace my 5-year-old self and love her. Speak kind, soft words to encourage her; let her know that she is loved and that her heart is good. Keep moving forward, and when she makes a mistake to realize what she did, learn from it and keep stepping forward.

I am beautiful, cherished, chosen, I am a Joyful warrior of Strength.