For some, stepping into leadership is a truly scary thought, third only to first, public speaking, and second, death. Many shrink and step back pushing others forward when called to lead. Have you ever experienced yourself doing this in a group, on a team, at work, at home? Some people are seemingly born leaders while others spend a lifetime developing themselves into effective leaders. It’s been said, “The question is not ‘are you a leader’ because you are always leading, the real question is, ‘are you leading people to heaven or hell?’” What meaning do you put on that statement? If you have children, to whom do they look for leadership? Children constantly look to their parents as role models. What roles are you choosing to model for your children? If you supervise a team, they too are looking for you to lead; are you leading them to results or to reasons? If you own a business, then hands down, others are looking to you for your direction and leadership. One of our greatest illusions is when we believe someone else will lead us, and then we cry out in frustration and bemoan when no one takes on the responsibility to do so. Participants at Life Quest Seminars will experience one of our absolutely greatest challenges in life which is to stare into a mirror and ask, “Who will lead?” and then act!


At Life Quest Seminars, there is a multitude of opportunities to step into leadership at all levels. Whether in small group settings or with all of the participants together, those who attend may step into leadership in a safe, supportive environment. At one point in this training, participants will have the opportunity to prepare and participate in an experiential leadership game, a unique simulation of events that take place in the setting of the 14th century. This powerful experience will test your leadership, integrity, commitment, honor, and loyalty. It will also help gauge your ability to be creative, adaptive, imaginative, and resourceful moment by moment in a series of critical choices surrounded by distraction, chaos, and disorder. Your decisions and actions or lack of decisiveness will have an impact on every participant throughout the entirety of this challenging simulation.

Participants from around the world who have taken part in this game have said:

  • “The lessons I learned in this game helped shift the way I do business to create greater success.”
  • “I gained the courage to take risks.”
  • “I see now that I can step into leadership and make a difference.”
  • “I have a more complete and realistic perspective on leadership.”
  • “I have a clear understanding of areas to work on to become an effective leader.”
  • “I experienced a sense of power and clarity.”
  • “I more clearly understand the pressure and stress of my leaders.”
  • “I know now how to ground myself at times of great stress.”