Event Description:

Life Quest Seminars are not just any personal development seminar. Many seminars for men and women fail because they ignore what is going on in an individual’s heart. They attempt to change them through various intimidation tactics and pressure. Our Life Quest Seminars are an honest journey into the deep recesses of a person’s heart, where passions and desires have been asleep far too long. It’s a weekend intended for the healing of the wounds we have taken in our lives and into the areas of parenthood, sex, our true callings – life as it was meant to be lived. Through the sessions that include experiential modules with time for reflection, video clips, and outdoor adventures, you will discover something profound about your heart, the one you were intended to live from. Typical testimonials from those who have attended training such as this say it is one of the most transforming experiences of their lives.



Due to the intimate and personal nature of this seminar’s content and modules, Life Quest Seminars are not to be considered a parent/child event. We strongly encourage parents and their adult children to attend, but they will need to participate in different seminars. After their first completion of Life Quest Seminars, we encourage couples and families to return and audit together. Due to the nature and depth of the content and experiential modules, Life Quest Seminars are not designed for children or youth. You must be at least eighteen years of age to enroll as a participant.

Group Registration:

Life Quest Seminars is a transformational experience designed to support men and women in reclaiming and restoring their heart and return to being leaders in their communities. We intend to offer training to equip them to go back to their communities to walk in their power and authentic self while leading others to discover their true potential as leaders. Group registration is encouraged because when the participants return to their communities, they will have a core group of men and women to call to support and be supported by. The venue accommodations will support several participants in a cabin. Contact the venue for specific information for your group. Life Quest Seminars is not responsible for any participant’s placement into any particular accommodation that the venue offers.


While we intend that our Founder, John Edwards, will lead facilitation at the event, if he is unable to facilitate for any reason, the event will most likely continue without him. However, we reserve the right to cancel the event should John be prevented from attending. Should we decide, at our sole discretion, that cancellation is necessary, for any reason, we will offer a refund or shift your tuition to a future Life Quest Seminars training.