I knew that I was doing the right thing, but it was not easy, when I picked up the phone and said to my buddies, “I want to tell you about the great training that I have attended and am now helping to facilitate. I would like you to attend”. What did I really want to tell them? “ I’ve been through a life changing experience, which has fundamentally altered how I see life and it is going to impact how I will live my life moving forward”!

Look, if I had said that, how would they have replied? Well Alan, good for you, but I’m busy that weekend, let me know when they have the training again. Ya! Ya!

But as I persisted eight of these phone calls landed on fertile ground and the answer was yes – we are all in – we will join you in Denver for the training. During the training I found myself eyeing each of the guys to see what was going on with them. The reality was that each of them was having a different experience, as the training allowed the individuals to examine their own heart.

The biggest impact to myself was after they came home, I was able to see how these guys were different – each one of them with a different impact on their lives, from living in a sense of purpose, to wanting a community with their families, that they have never experienced. Others came home to face difficult and painful decisions that they had been putting off, but now they had the courage and knew that these decisions had to be dealt with. There was boldness to how these guys were now living their lives.

In retrospect, I am thankful for this small group of friends. I am excited for them as they head out on this segment of their lives, especially since I get to travel with them and as a closer friend than I ever was before.