Prior to attending a four-day training, based on the book Wild At Heart by John Eldredge, I read the book and discovered the idea behind the book is to encounter my authentic heart. I was also asked to write about my father wound, at least to the level of awareness that I possessed at that point in time. I found that discovering my authentic heart is tied to discovering my father wound, allowing myself to be set free from it’s negative consequences. The four-day weekend allowed me to be in the process of discovering and receiving healing around my father wounds. Being in this process for my own self, as well as being in the same process with 50 other men was life changing. I had the privilege of witnessing countless breakthroughs for other men, as well as significant breakthroughs in my own life. My personal journey involved beginning with no awareness of any father wounds, to identifying three distinct father wounds, then receiving healing around these areas. The results were profound as new levels of my authentic heart have been revealed and are now in play in my life.