In 2nd grade I had to write a paper about what I wanted to be when I grew up, I wrote 3 words, “Alive and safe.” My childhood memories are marked with abuse, entrapment, hunger and fear. I was buried in darkness before I ever had a chance to see the light. While I eventually escaped, my mind was still trapped in the trauma of a past that would never leave me. I breathed, but felt as if I was no longer alive. I survived the abuse, but the memories were killing me. It was time to decide whether I wanted to keep fighting for life or bow out of this world. Unfortunately, I chose to bow out. After 3 failed suicide attempts, I had an epiphany. Perhaps there was something more to this world….maybe there was a bigger purpose for me and that’s why I kept surviving. I needed a shift in the way I was seeing the world around me and how I fit into it. I had too many limiting beliefs and I needed some help to overcome it. That was a huge step to make for this independent girl! I decided right then that I needed to invest my time and efforts towards personal growth. I tried self-help books, going to groups, researching different seminars and conferences and everything in that arena. Help is out there in abundance when you open your eyes and mind to it! I realized I needed to narrow the search. I wanted to find a place that could help me with my past and my future. I wanted healing and freedom, but also the skills to help others once I had been healed. I needed more tools in my toolbox of coping skills. So, I began down that path to find a better me. A friend introduced me to Life Quest Seminars. I happily agreed to attend one of the seminars. I knew the gist of what I would experience, but had no idea the wealth of knowledge and bonds that I would leave with. I had been through Trauma Life Coaching and had done some personal work, so I had a good foundation- but Beauty Revealed helped to refine it and set even bigger goals for myself!

Through all of this, I learned that I didn’t have to be defined by my past, nor did it have to dictate my future. I realized that I was living as a survivor and I could choose to heal and move beyond to thrive. I no longer had to settle for just being alive and safe. Not only did I now have a choice to live in a new found freedom- I also found my voice that had been silenced for too long. It’s a voice that now bravely sings into the darkness, “This little light of mine, I’m gonna let it shine” with the hope that someone else will hear it and also find their little light.

My past broke me into pieces, but coaching taught me how to bring those pieces together and see the creation of a Masterpiece. I now live in fullness of joy, hope and passion. I work with students of trauma and teach them the very coaching skills that I believe saved me. If we can teach our young to cope and heal, we will no longer have to try to put them back together as adults. I also work with women of trauma and share my story of redemption. There is no past, no wound, no hurt that is too great to be healed- if we are willing to do the work!   I am changing lives because mine was forever changed. If you are ready to start a new journey of freedom, hope and purpose, these seminars can set the foundation that puts you on the right path. Or if you, like me, have already done some personal work- then it can help to solidify next steps, add to your tool box and give you a major lift in your support system! Don’t waste another minute of your life wishing you had a different start. Instead- create a new chapter that will change your ending! Your story hasn’t been fully written yet. You now have a choice of your path so use it wisely! Be Strong, Be Empowering, Be You! It’s time to come out of the Darkness and let your little light shine!