Every person has unfinished business when it comes to relationships, especially in our families and, more specifically, with our parents.  This unfinished business goes with us into every relationship for the rest of our lives. How we interact with others has emotional hooks chaining us back to how our parents showed up and treated us when we were children.  Abuse, abandonment, withholding love, controlling, and nitpicking our every moment, over parenting, divorce, violence in the home,  and on and on the list goes.  Addressing these events and the emotional content will significantly shift how we view our parents and, therefore, anyone we come across who reminds us of them.


The wounds that each person endure, just from their father are enough to prevent them from creating greater success in life.  Never having received their father’s validation causes them to seek it, unknowingly and unconsciously, in all future relationships.  Our deeper compelling motivations cause us to continually attempt to fulfill these unmet needs.  For some, they are driven into lives of desperation, addiction, loneliness, depression, and low self-worth spiraling out of control.  To the other extreme, some are driven to endlessly prove themselves by creating perpetually increasing success after success on a cycle devoid of joy, happiness, satisfaction, or even fulfillment usually attributed to these accomplishments.  

At Life Quest Seminars, participants will learn to come to a place of peace, acceptance, and forgiveness with parents so that they are no longer held back by emotional chains, but rather they will have the renewed energy and passion to rocket their lives forward into new bold adventures and commitments.