Our resources section includes books, CDs, and DVDs in which we have found great value. First on our recommended reading list is John Edwards’ book, Despite Me, Discover a Proven Pathway to Your Life of Passion and Purpose. Learn how to get your FREE copy.

Next is John Eldredge’s book, Wild At Heart.  It is this book that fueled our passion to collaborate with John and his Ransomed Heart organization and create Life Quest Seminars’ workshops and boot camps.  In some ways, all the other material in our resources has also influenced this powerful experience because we each have read the books, listened to the CDs, or watched the DVDs, thus have been inspired and influenced to take our lives to the next level.  

Next is John & Stasi Eldridge’s book, Captivating. Both the book and the workshop created by John and Stacey were the inspiration for creating our first women’s seminar, Beauty Revealed, which has led to the creation of The Butterfly Affect.

We hope that you will take the time to experience these valuable resources, as they will support your forward growth.

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Recommended Reading List

Recommended Movies (DVDs & CDs)