The Butterfly Affect & Beauty Revealed

(For Women 18 yrs+)
Base Camp  (
For Adults 18 yrs+)

and Forge Experience

(For Men 18 yrs+)

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Beauty Revealed

(Adult Women 18+ yrs)

March 2021

Venue TBA

Base Camp

(Open to the Public 18+ yrs)

January 15 – 17, 2021

Old Mill RV Park & Event Center *

210 S 3rd St

Garibaldi, OR 97118


(*Discount RV spots available to our attendees.

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Our Facilitators

Warriors at Heart Bio 03 - Seminars

John Edwards

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Linda Edwards

Laura Seminar rnd e1463597389487 - Seminars

Laura Smyer

bio scottsmyer - Seminars

Scott Smyer

Slide1 1 e1548525575865 - Seminars

Michelle Klaseen

LorryB Bio Photo2 - Seminars

Lorry Belhumeur

Lisa Burns e1565621788754 - Seminars

Lisa Burns

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Tanya Alexander

A new and unique training, Life Quest Seminars combines the teachings of John and Stasi Eldredge, their “Wild at Heart” and “Captivating” Boot Camps. Also, Experiential Learning, facilitated by John Edwards, and “Global Priority Solutions®” (GPS) values and principles are combined to create a powerful 4-day experience to be supported with 40-weeks of virtual training.

Life Quest Seminars supports individuals to create deeper relationships, more success in goal achievement, increased intimacy in marriage as a spouse & parent , deeper levels of contentment and a new way of seeing themselves, the world, and the people in it. 

Life Quest Seminars incorporates a mechanism known as Experiential Learning (EL). EL accelerates the process of transformation through emotional involvement and by revealing behaviors, beliefs and personal narratives that limit one’s ability to create success. Experiential Learning is the most effective method of creating lasting transformation.

Life Quest Seminars introduces Global Priority Solutions® (GPS). GPS utilizes 40 success values that are delivered in a small group discussion format called a RoundTable®. This component of Life Quest Seminars program will be completed over 40-weeks following the onsite seminar. Participants receive our 4-modules that contain ten values per module. Participants are trained in how to host and facilitate the RoundTable® process. World-renowned leadership trainer and speaker, John Maxwell, has endorsed GPS and is a member of their Board of Directors.

John Maxwell has this to say about GPS: “Global Priority is changing lives around the world because it teaches leaders how to lead from the inside before they lead from the outside.”

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Tuition :

Early Bird Signup Available:

The Butterfly Affect – $1,995.00*

Base Camp – $1,195.00 (Save $600 Today | Early Bird)

Beauty Revealed – $2,995.00* (Save $1,000.00 Today | Early Bird)

The Forge Experience – $2,995.00*

(Price may increase during the month of the seminar)

*Meals and Lodging are included in some seminars