Life Lasting Transformation

Breakthrough self-defeating beliefs, self-limiting decisions, and illusions that keep you stuck!!

We all have chaos in our lives, whether it is self-generated or environmental. How we deal with chaos will result in our lives’ quality that we are either striving for or running from.

At The Butterfly Affect seminar, you will experience proven tools and techniques that will help you make small and measurable shifts to have the life you desire.  Often people take on too much, thinking that they will get to their goal faster. And sometimes, that, in fact, is what happens. However, many people are better suited for incremental shifts that create lasting transformation. In other words, they become who they want to be.

“First, say to yourself what you would BE; and then do what you have to do.”

—The Greek Stoic philosopher, Epictetus

Life Quest Seminars’ unique three-day seminar, The Butterfly Affect, empowers and equips our participants in making the kinds of shifts that lead to life-long transformation.


If you want more:

  • Abundance – Financial – Time Freedom – Direction
  • Life-giving relationships
  • Personal power
  • Resolution of conflicts in current and past relationships
  • Life balance
  • Personal productivity – Business profitability
  • Effective communication across all generations
  • Connection with any personality style
  • Dreams and Goals realized
  • Peace, Joy, Passion, and Clarity of Purpose

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When available: Early Bird Registration: $1,295 (SAVE $700 )

Payment Plans are available with a down payment and monthly payment plan. The balance is paid over agreed terms.

Today IS the perfect day for taking a risk and saying YES to joining us at The Butterfly Affect seminar.


The Butterfly Affect seminar is a must-attend!

The Butterfly Affect seminar takes place over three days:

Friday, dates TBA

Saturday, dates TBA

Sunday, dates TBA – and completed on or before 5:00 pm.

Your registration will include meals, lodging, materials, and your seminar tuition. The Butterfly Affect seminar will equip you with the revelations, breakthroughs, tools, and techniques you’ll need to move forward to your next life level.

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