My whole life I listened to a voice that told me I was worthless, tainted, unlovable, used, unworthy, unclean, fearful, broken, shamed and a death giver.  I felt unseen, unsought and completely uncertain. I longed to be able to step into what God had called me to; my purpose in life, the desire of my heart but always fell short with negative thoughts, my past, and the ever ringing thought of “Who Am I?”

I spent 37 years in a bondage that I felt would never end. The chains were heavy and only getting heavier as the days went on.  I was a wife, mother, daughter and friend and I was spiritually dying.  This death was waged by the enemy and I truly felt that there was no hope.

I had lived all my life knowing and believing in a Savior that was full of love and grace for everyone else but me.  I had seen Him work miracles but was plagued by the enemy’s lies.  My soul cried out for relationship; it cried out for freedom; it cried out to be the Warrior that I had been born to be.  I just had no idea how to get there.

I have been to many seminars, conferences, retreats and self-help places.  They were all great and I left on a high; thinking “Yes! I have some tools; okay Lord, time to conquer the world.” In a matter of weeks that high, that passion, had dwindled and I was left back at where I was or even worse off.  I had feelings and thoughts like “see, I told you, you are worthless; you will never be who you want to be or more importantly who God called you to be”.  Depression would set in and I went right back to the things that kept me sick.  I was desperate and I was dying inside.

I got a chance to sign up for this Beauty Revealed seminar that was being put on by some amazing family of mine (no, not blood family but I will always claim them as such). I will just say I had no idea what it was about except I was told it would be unlike anything I had ever been to.  I had a beauty to unveil and this place would help and give me tools to be a better mother, wife, daughter and friend. I signed up with my best friend, bought my plane ticket and then sat in resistance! Let me tell you; I had no idea the amazing deliverance that would happen for me those 4 days. You see, I was finally given a place, opportunity, support, encouragement, tools to tear down the walls that I had put up.  I got to really authentically take a hard honest look at who I truly AM; not who the enemy tried to convince me I was. I got to be authentic and raw! I got to ask for help and be around other women who were digging deep and finding truths! I was able to not just taste freedom but to step into it and live there! This truly was a remarkable LIFE GIVING EXPERIENCE! I am pursued; longed for; cherished and loved! I AM FREE! HALLELUJAH!

I would love to tell you all about the different steps that these amazing, raw authentic leaders took us through but I would completely ruin the wonderful surprise that awaits you! Ladies, if you want to truly get back your life, find freedom in all or even just certain areas of it; if you want to learn how to leave the negative thoughts that have plagued you; learn how to step into what you are called to be doing….or all these things….THIS IS SOMETHING YOU DO NOT WANT TO MISS! I am a completely different person. I am the mother, wife, daughter and friend that God intended for me to be! I know my worth and I am Beloved; so are you!

Please don’t miss this opportunity to gift yourself with something so wonderful! Become who you were meant to be! I will be going back so I hope to see you there! There are not enough words to thank Linda, Amanda, Laura, John and Charles but I will absolutely pay it forward!