As one of the facilitators for Beauty Revealed (Life Quest Seminars), I committed to participate in a GPS RoundTable on a weekly basis. I am so proud to say that we’ve just completed 40 weeks of training. Our dedication to remain steadfast and faithful to this commitment speaks to the value of this work.

I appreciate the values that I was raised on. I was always taught to treat others as I’d like to be treated; judge not, lest I be judged! I’ve also heard that you should never pray for patience because then your patience will be tested. Well, it was uncanny how many times the value or principle we were studying reared its ugly head that particular week. It happened on Attitude, Resolving Conflict, Forgiveness, Restraint, Pressure, Criticism, Judgment, Boundaries…just to name a few. The awareness of how I actually show up vs. how I think I’ll show up was right in my face.

When I really take the GPS process to heart, dig deep and get honest with myself, I create so much more value. Part of the process is to evaluate myself, on a scale of 1 to 10, and share why I gave myself that rating. I also take a look at who I know that demonstrates these values in their life and what I admire about them. This is a great notice as to who I allow to speak into my life. I then write a specific action step (small, achievable & measurable) that I will achieve that week which will help me grow in that value. This is where the rubber meets the road. When we meet the following week we begin by sharing what our action step was and our results!!!! There’s the accountability!!

P.S. I’m looking forward to taking this even deeper as we unanimously agreed to start over and do another 40 weeks of GPS!!!!!