The Samurai Game ® is one of the most intense, challenging, and powerful leadership simulations available in the world today. It is particularly suitable for training on issues of effectiveness and leadership in teams and decision-making in unpredictable conditions and in times of uncertainty.

This training allows you to discover many conscious and unconscious personal and group behavior reactions. It is an intense competition that requires integrity, honesty, and dignity. There is a thorough review of beliefs, emotions, feelings, and physical reactions, especially under uncertain circumstances. It tests the individual’s integrity and commitment, even when nobody is looking. Participants will learn, among other things, support tools in high-pressure situations and their level of commitment in times of possible imminent resignation or failure.

The SAMURAI GAME ® focuses on educating individuals and teams through practice and actions.  What will you contribute? How can you be of service, and under what principles are you going to react, and for what purpose? Have no expectations and be ready for anything.

The Samurai Game® is considered by many to be the most unique, intense, and challenging leadership and teambuilding experiential simulation available anywhere. Tens of thousands of individuals worldwide have participated in it through organizational and corporate training, retreats, university, school leadership courses, and personal development programs. The Samurai Game® was invented, written, and first performed in 1977 by George Leonard, author, award-winning editor, musician, Aikido instructor, and pioneer in the Human Potential Movement. The Samurai Game® was copyrighted by George Leonard and is solely owned by The Leonard Family Trust. There are few trainers in the world certified to facilitate this game.  John Edwards, Founder of Life Quest Seminars, is one of those few Certified Facilitators with the legal right to produce and facilitate this simulation. To ensure the integrity of your experience, go to and confirm that your facilitator is listed among those who have received the necessary training and certification.



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