So, I have been going back and forth about posting this; I think because of that underlying fear of what others think, but I know this is a safe space to share my journey in life.

Beauty Revealed really helped me wake up and realize I had a 10-year-old little girl running my life even though I’m 27. What do I mean by that? Well, I was making everyday decisions about my life from the view of little me. I didn’t want to be alone; I thought my parents were my enemy. I let people run all over me and use me every day. I didn’t know I had a choice in how I felt. I thought, well this is how I feel; this must be true or whatever the situation was.

I was told about BEAUTY REVEALED in 2017. It took me a year to make up my mind and convince myself it was worth the money and time spent. I made up my mind a week before the deadline and paid my deposit the day of the deadline. How? I don’t know other than it being God. I have no idea how because here it is a week before deadline. I have to convince my wife to be okay with me going to a weekend event with a long time friend, that she didn’t really like, after telling me she wants a divorce. We each had our own issues that we just brought together and created more issues as a couple. We didn’t know how to fix it; she didn’t trust me. I didn’t completely trust her either.

I went to BEAUTY REVEALED scared and nervous but my mind made up, I was going to choose in! Once there, my immediate response was, I don’t know these people so I can’t trust them. I tried to leave during a really difficult moment for me. Thankfully, a staff member stopped me and talked me through everything that was running in my mind. I kept pushing past my fears and kept choosing in!

Two really powerful tools I learned at BEAUTY REVEALED were the freedom of choice and the ability to reframe a story of a negative situation to be positive and beneficial to myself.

I didn’t know I could choose how I felt. I just thought if it made me angry, well then I was angry. I learned I could look at the situation differently and choose a feeling that would benefit me and not ruin my day. I can choose to let what other people say affect me or not. I can choose to wake up happy everyday. I can also choose to be sad and depressed. Thankfully, I don’t but it’s all a choice.

So, about the tool of reframing, I was able to change the story I told myself as a kid about my parents divorce. I always thought it was my fault; that I did something wrong, that I was the reason they fought. So when John and his team coached us in this tool, I was able to change my story to: I was simply a kid and I didn’t know any different. My parents made the best decision they knew how to in order to protect me from their own hurts and pain.

After leaving BEAUTY REVEALED and on my way home I was slapped in the face with reality before I arrived home. You see, my wife didn’t trust me 100%, so when she asked a simple question about some gas money I had sent someone, I chose to be honest and tell her to whom I sent the money. I didn’t like the response I got. She had every right though. I got home, was excited to tell my wife about everything I learned about myself, my weekend and how it was going to help us. She was open but not like I had envisioned. I went to work the very next day and I lost my job. So again, slapped in the face, and wondering why. What am I going to do?

I am choosing to keep moving forward!

I tell you all this to say, I would have given up on everything if I hadn’t gone to BEAUTY REVEALED. I wouldn’t be able to have the relationships I now have with my wife and friends and family if it wasn’t for John and his team. I wouldn’t have the smile I carry everyday. I am now a general manager of a Dairy Queen and everyday I get to choose what kind of day my team and I are going to have. I wake up every day being intentional on having a great day. Does it always work that way? No, It’s life. Does everything work the way you envision? I get to choose to let those bad days get to me or I get to choose to rise up, overcome and seize the day!

So, if you still doubt if you have the money, stop it! If you are still wondering how you are going to make it work, stop it! Because you are not, it will just happen! There are payment options; people donate to help pay for others. So stop trying to figure it out and pick up the phone and call John or send him an email at