Unlike anything you have experienced, Life Quest Seminars’ participants will gain deeper clarity and understanding of the truths of who they are and the obstacles and illusions that continue to prevent them from creating the life they are each meant to live.

Life Quest Seminars are hosted in some of the most beautiful North American locations, areas around Denver, Colorado and Denver International Airport, the Oregon and Washington coasts, Texas, and other areas remote enough to disconnect from our perceived reality. These are the perfect settings to disconnect from your everyday life’s stress and busyness and connect to something much deeper within you – your authentic heart.  Specific locations are announced along with the dates of each seminar.


The Founder of Life Quest Seminars, John Edwards, has brought personal transformational training to other countries and cultures and is renowned for his life-shifting expertise. John will guide you into personal discoveries about your identity and narratives surrounding who you believe you are as a man or woman. You will gain insight into what it means to live a life of adventure, a larger story. We will dig deep into the parent/child relationship and learn what it takes to renew, restore and heal those relationships. During the Men’s Boot Camp we will take on the sensitive areas of intimacy and rescuing the beauty in your life. These sessions are rooted in the writings of John Eldridge and his book, Wild At Heart.  During Beauty Revealed – A Journey to Freedom, we will work on the core questions that women seem to struggle with, “Am I beautiful,” “Am I enough,” “Am I too much,” “Do you delight in me,” “What is the significant role for my life?” and so many more.

You may know of other programs that have you sitting in a seminar room listening to lecture after lecture. Life Quest Seminars is different in that you will experience a little lecture but much more experiential learning.

Life Quest Seminars’ training will give you the opportunity to live what you have just learned through proprietary exercises that you can use to transform your life. Additionally, learning does not stop when you leave the resort. Our program is designed to keep you connected to your peers and your personal development long after the weekend is over. Again, using proprietary material, you will learn how to facilitate and participate in RoundTable® discussions intended to ground you in the kinds of principles and values that can support you in shifting the course of your life, marriage, business, and other relationships.  Participants will become Certified Master Facilitators of the RoundTable® process before the end of the training. Your participation at Life Quest Seminars will give you the resolve to make the life-shifts that you have always desired.